Phor Than Eiad

Phor Than Eiad

by Jun Wei

Phor Than Eiad also known as Phra Kru Arkomsitthivej is the abbot of Wat Khanprachasan in Phattalung Province. Phor Than Eiad was born on 10th July BE 2495 in Phatthalung Province. Phor Than Eiad ordained as a novice when he was at the age of 15 on 4th July BE 2522. 5 years later, at the age of 20 he was ordained as a monk. His preceptors were Phra Kru Udom Wiharnkoon, Phra Un Tanvaro and Phra Kru Sangkharak Kheed Kavivaso. Shortly after his ordination, Phor Than Eiad stayed at Wat Khanprachasan up till now. In fact, Phor Than Eiad has blood of an occultist as his uncles are also famous guru monks as well. Luang Phor Thong Khao Pa Je (Phatthalung Province), Luang Phor Plaek Wat Pak Pron (Trang Province) are his uncles. While his father is Ajarn Kok Thepkhow. On top of that, Phor Than Eiad studied magic under the guidance of many guru monks such as Luang Phor Moon Wat Khuan Khan (Trang Province), Luang Phor Noon Wat Thung Yow (Phatthalung Province) and many others.

Nowadays, Phor Than Eiad is dedicated to develop Wat Khanprachasan, help devotees and teach others about Buddha teaching. Phor Than Eiad would always help people using his magical competence and is well-known for his ability to handle spirits and invisible powers such as removing black magic, subuding evil spirits. Hence the villagers would call him : “Ajarn Eiad Prab Pee”. “Ajarn Eiad Prab Pee” means Teacher Eiad conquers the ghost. Phor Than Eiad is well-known to be a ghost buster and has even been given the name “Ghost King” by the villagers.

It was reported that Phor Than Eiad is good at magic but has yet to consecrate any amulets despite many years in monkhood. It was until BE 2557 that after numerous requests from his devotees that Phor Than Eiad decided to consecrate his first batch of amulet. Phor Than Eiad is a low profile and humble monk. Devotees have given the feedback that wearing his amulets gives one a peace of mind, improvement overall, smooth sailing, protection from danger and protection against black magic and evil spirits.





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