About Us

Many indigenous and ancient cultures have their own version of sacred objects, which are often worn against the skin, and used to ward off evil spirits and protect those that wear them. They are consecrated to give extraordinary powers and protection to warriors, healers, and shamans.

When I, Andrew Lin, started this business, my mission was to bring the best of these powerful amulets to the modern world and make this world a better place. 

As a young boy, listening to magical stories would make me feel joyful. I would listen to these marvelous stories about amulets and about these great monks who made these amulets and blessed them. Each monk has an unique story to offer and I grew up wanting to share these beautiful stories and magical amulets with the world. Stories on how these Amulets are often worn as ornaments or used as decoration at home, which has been enchanted with spells or charged with energy, with the specific purpose of protecting someone or someplace from evil, harm or negative forces and energy.

Ever since, I have been collecting these beautiful and sacred amulets, making a collection so that I can offer the same magic to the world. My aha moment was in 2015 when I saw some of my own friends searching for such amulets. I was then convinced that there is a certain demand for such products and decided to start a business around it. I started my own bidding shows and with rising demand, I soon realized I needed my own online store too; MRATAS was thus created. 

An amulet is an object, which protects its owner against any negative influence. It gives people the power to accomplish any task or go through certain (difficult) life situations. An amulet can be created from any material, which comes from nature and has the ability to keep the energy inside (for example crystal, gold, silver, copper, wood, clay...)

The best time for the consecration of an amulet is from one dark moon to the next dark moon, which means a cycle of 28 days. The amulet is mostly prepared for certain person and it is loaded with protective energies and certain qualities, which should influence that person in a positive way (in fact, these qualities will move into the aura of the holder).

The positive qualities are going inside the amulet by saying positive affirmations with strong concentration and by creating some positive elemental being, who keeps the energy and do special tasks, which were given to it.

Benefits of Amulets

  • Good Health
  • Protection from life-threatening danger
  • Protects from black magic
  • Good fortune
  • Millionaire potential
  • Fame & popularity
  • Protection for firearms
  • Love & kindness
  • Prosperity
  • Attract opposite sex
  • Rejuvenates one’s mind and body by helping in the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Heals and creates a balance in your body and mind
  • Concentrates on your weak chakras and helps in improving them.

People from all age groups can wear amulets. We have thousands of customers who have benefited from these amulets which have changed their lives forever. Different kinds of amulets have different magical properties. Read each of our product descriptions and choose the right amulet for yourself or for your loved one and make a difference. Give the right boost needed in your life with the help of our amulets and make your life beautiful than ever before. To know more, please subscribe to our newsletter.