Kruba Baeng

Kruba Baeng

by Jun Wei

Kruba Baeng is the abbot of Wat Baan Tanod, Non Sung, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Kruba Baeng was born on 15th August BE 2496 in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. His family consists of family members that practise traditional medicine. While he was at the age of 12, he graduated from elementary school and started pursuing study on traditional medicine whereby he would learn how to treat patients who are having diseases with traditional medicine such as herbs from his father who happened to have knowledge about Wicha. Kruba Baeng also had the opportunity to study scriptures written in Khmer Language whereby the medical doctrines were recorded. Earning his reputation as a doctor, Kruba Baeng was well-respected by the villagers.

At the age of 25, Kruba Baeng was ordained as a monk. Kruba Baeng began his Tudong journey into the deep forests in Laos to practice spiritual arts in healing and Laos Wicha. However, in BE 2536, Kruba Baeng received the news of his father falling ill with symptoms of paralysis. After taking care of his father, he then soon returned to ordained as a monk once again in BE 2500.

Nowadays, Kruba Baeng is an expert on Dhamra and Laos Wicha. Kruba Baeng is also well-known for his Salika amulets and it is believed to be the most beautiful Salika amulets in Thailand. Thus, some would name him as “The Salika King.” In fact, Kruba Baeng is the elder cousin of Kruba Krissana as they both learned Wicha under the same teacher known as Kruba Siharaj. In fact, Kruba Siharaj was a disciple of Somdej Loon. On top of that, Kruba Baeng is a strong believer in using the traditional methodology of consecrating Salika amulets. While consecrating Salika amulets, Kruba Baeng would use extensive materials such as nectar, pollens, petals, holy soil and even gemstones. Most of Kruba Baeng's amulets are small in size and convenient for the wearer to wear the amulet. It is also worth mentioning that his Salika amulets would often have a strong and nice aroma that many devotees love. It is believed that Salika amulets consecrated by Kruba Baeng can help one to improve human relationships.

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