Luang Pu Singthong

Luang Pu Singthong

by Jun Wei

Luang Pu Singthong was born in BE 2454 (the reign of King Rama V) in Ubon Ratchathani Province which is in the Northeastern of Thailand. During his childhood, Luang Pu Singthong was unlike other children around the same age as him due to the fact that he enjoyed studying about Dharma. When he reached the age of a teenager, he became interested in magic. So he went to study magic with Mor Kaen, a professional player of reed mouth organs that has magic to charm anyone who listens to his music.

And during the period of WW2, Luang Pu Singthong served the nation as a soldier at an infantry battalion in his hometown. During the wartime, there were many dangers, but Luang Pu Singthong could pass amazingly by using his magical knowledge. 

Then In BE 2519, Luang Pu Singthong was ordained as a monk at Ubon Ratchathani Province. The provincial ecclesiastical chief Phra Kru Soontorn was a preceptor who ordained Luang Pu Singthong. After his ordination, Luang Pu Singthong studied meditation with Luang Phor Kamkaning who was a guru monk. In fact, Luang Phor Kamkaning was kind to Luang Pu Singthong and taught him mantras. 

Luang Pu Singthong studied with Luang Phor Kamkaning for 4 years and after that he went Tudong with monks in way of Ajarn Mun Phurithatto. Fortunately, during his Tudong in Laos, Luang Pu Singthong met a skilled guru master who was a hill tribe by chance and studied with him. During a long pilgrimage in the woods, Luang Pu Singthong encountered many mysterious and supernatural things that made his meditative power so strong. After coming back, Luang Pu Singthong intends to apply his knowledge to help people and serve Buddhism. Hence, Luang Pu Singthong has patronized many temples.

On top of that, Luang Pu Singthong is a monk who does not pay attention to money, stuff and ascendancy, but prefers living solitarily and helping people. His disciples especially merchants, police, soldiers who make merit with him would usually get an amulet from him. Amulets from Luang Pu Singthong are said by merchants to be experiencing good things happening while the soldiers and police who live on the edge every day had experience about missing from dangers. So it is not strange that amulets consecrated from Luang Pu Singthong are popular. 

Luang Pu Singthong 出生于 BE 2454年乌汶府,自小己向村里长者学习各种法门. 后来在 BE 2482年当兵至 BE 2519年. 过后在泊巴辉庙出家为僧. 在森林里遇到 Luang Phor Kham Rangmincumani 教导禅定法门. 之后开始了云游苦行之旅,过后追随森林派高僧 Luang Ta Maha Bua 历时 5年. 其中师父中还有 Luang Phor Waen 清迈府. 过后苦行至辽国边向 Ajarn Rekko 学习高棉,辽国派系法. 师父对于加持圣物非常严谨.

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