Luang Phor Soon Wat Bang Pla Mor

Luang Phor Soon Wat Bang Pla Mor

by Jun Wei

I believe everyone knows that Luang Phor Parn studied Wicha and Dharma from many guru monks. One of his teachers is Luang Phor Niam Wat Noi. But today’s article would be about one of his earlier teachers before Luang Phor Parn went to study Wicha and Dharma under the guidance of Luang Phor Niam.

Luang Phor Soon Wat Bang Pla Mor is the first teacher and preceptor of Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho. Luang Phor Soon is a well-respected and noble guru monk. Luang Phor Soon is also an expert on Wicha. In addition, Luang Phor Soon is a guru monk that has plenty of knowledge regarding traditional medicine. As his medicine is believed to be able to cure one sickness. There is a story about Luang Phor Soon. But according to Luang Phor Parn, he went to Wat Bang Pla Mor and lived with Luang Phor Soon. He studied with Luang Phor Soon, and Luang Phor Soon also liked Luang Phor Parn a lot as his disciple so he would teach Luang Phor Parn all of his knowledge. At the same time, Luang Phor Parn also loves to study traditional medicine with the intention of helping those that are sick but Luang Phor Soon also hoped that his disciple would learn everything and not just be particular in one knowledge. Hence, Luang Phor Parn was determined to study various knowledge of Luang Phor Soon and Luang Phor Soon asked him to Learn Kasin, learn through meditation. There was once Luang Phor Soon was teaching the topic about Pavee Kasin by the river and started to question Luang Phor Parn by asking him “ Where is your foot stepping toward ?” Even if the surface is water, you have to let water become like a concrete ground and just walk past the river. There was another time when Luang Phor Soon taught Luang Phor Parn to use Wicha to make keys. After a few months, the keys that were white in color had become transparent and were accidentally blowing away and it just fell off. 

Luang Phor Soon Wat Bang Pla Mor 是 神兽崇笛 Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho 剃度及传法的恩师. Luang Phor Soon 是一位身份受人尊敬和高尚的禅修高僧. 他还修的很多神秘的法术,此外他亦是一位懂得医术的高僧,他的医术能帮助普通百姓的脱离苦难. Luang Phor Soon有很多事迹都一并记录流传下来. 根据 Luang Phor Parn 的记载里, Luang Phor Parn 去了 Wat Bang Pla Mor 和 Luang Phor Soon同住. 便和Luang Phor Soon学习,而Luang Phor Soon也很爱锡这个徒弟,决定传授各种元素法术给予 Luang Phor Parn. 同时Luang Phor Parn 亦爱上了钻研医术治疗病人的想法,但Luang Phor Soon也希望学生们喜欢各种各样的法术科目.  因此Luang Phor Soon同时教授了Luang Phor Parn法术和医术. Luang Phor Parn 决心研究各种学科,于是Luang Phor Soon要求他学习Kasin,通过冥想来学习. 从Luang Phor Soon大师身上学到所有的. 直致各种奇迹的出现.有一次, Luang Phor Soon在河边教授Pavee Kasin时,问Luang Phor Parn 你这脚踩到哪里了? 要让水像地面一样坚硬走过河.又有一次Luang Phor Soon 教 Luang Phor Parn 用元素法术去制作钥匙,但历时数月后,白色的钥匙变了透明,但不小心将其吹一下,它就掉下来了. 

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