Luang Phor Tiam

Luang Phor Tiam

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Tiam is a well-known guru monk in Ayutthaya. 

Phra Visuttajarathen also known as Luang Phor Tiam was born on 10th December BE 2447 at Khun 3 Kham, Duen Ay at Tambon Ban Pon, Moo 7, Ayutthaya Province. Luang Phor Tiam was given the name “Tiam Haruensri” by his parents. His father was known as Mr Soon while his mother was known as Mrs Liab. Both of his parents were farmers. Luang Phor Tiam received his education at Wat Gasatrathirat as his teachers were Luang Phor Mon and Ajarn Pin. Later on, Luang Phor Tiam went to study Khom Language with Ajarn Jan before he went back home to be a farmer at the age of 15. 5 years later, by the time Luang Phor Tiam reached the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk whereby he would specialise in many magic in particular traditional medicine. Besides that, Luang Phor Tiam also studied with many Ajarn including Ajarn Sup.  

Luang Phor Tiam even went to study Dharma and Wicha at Wat Pradoosongtham for nine months and headed back to be appointed as the abbot of Wat Gasatrathirat in BE 2487. 

Luang Phor Tiam never stopped learning. He would take every opportunity to broaden his knowledge of sacred sciences, in fact becoming an adept of Witayakom (incantations). Luang Phor Tiam would then use this deep knowledge to consecrate many sacred amulets and takruts for which he was famous for  and particularly for the sacred sciences of Kong Grapan or invulnerability. Moreover, Luang Phor Tiam even consecrated Takrut to offer King Rama IX. 

Luang Phor Tiam passed away quietly on 20th December BE 2522 at the age of 75. Every year on 20th December, a special merit making ceremony will be held at Wat Gasatrathirat in honour of Luang Phor Tiam. 

Luang Phor Tiam 來自Ayutthaya的舊時Phra Keji和位於Tambon Bpom的Wat Gasatrathirat Worawihan的住持. 

Phra Visauttajarathen 或Luang Phor Tiam 於12月10日生於BE 2447,位於Ayutthaya的Tambon Ban Pon,是一個貧窮的農民家庭.

他在當地的寺廟,在Luang Phor Mon和Ajarn  Pin下的Wat Gasatrathirat接受了基礎教育.20歲時,他被任命為僧侶,在那裡他專門從事許多佛教神聖科學,特別是傳統醫學. 

他還在Wat Pradusonmtum度過了相當多的時間,在那裡他回到Wat Gasatrathirat,在那裡他學習了Dhamma和Wicha.

在BE 2487, 住持的職位空缺,並被任命擔任職位.

Luang Phor Tiam從未停止學習,利用一切機會擴大他對神聖科學的知識,實際上成為了Witayakom的嫻熟(咒語). 他用這些深刻的知識創造了許多神聖的護身符特別是Kong Grapan 或刀槍不入. 

他於十二月二十日在BE 2522年75歲時靜靜地去世. 同日的每一年,為紀念這位大僧而在寺廟舉行了一個特別的功績儀式.

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