Ajarn Ord

Ajarn Ord

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Ord is one of the well-known monks in Pathum Thani Province that is famous for his Takrut due to the fact that there are some stories regarding the protection it gives to its wearer. Ajarn Ord was born on 30th July BE 2502 and his hometown is located in Suphanburi Province. At the age of 32, Ajarn Ord was ordained as a novice in BE 2534 under Phra Soothorn Syee Lajahn as his preceptor who happened to be the Deputy Chief of Panum Thani during that year.  Under the guidance of Phra Soothorn Syee Lajahn, Ajarn Ord was able to manage to come across a book of spells which was left behind by Luang Phor Suk Wat Pak Kong Makamtao. Due to his limited knowledge of Dharma and magic practice, he decided to seek a better understanding under the guidance of his preceptor and managed to master the magic practice from the book.

After mastering the magic practice from the book, Ajarn Ord then made and blessed Takrut Look Pern to give as a gift for the devotee who came to make merits in Wat Sai Mai. Whoever puts food for his daily alms in the morning, he will also give them Takrut Look Pern as a gift of return. However there are  some devotees who do not know what the purpose of Takrut Look Pern is for, some will keep while the rest will declare the gift. 

Below would be the stories of Ajarn Ord.

This story is related to a fatal car accident where all 5 passengers escaped from a narrow death.  In Thailand, 4 wheel drive pickup trucks are very popular. One day a man drove his pick-up truck with 4 other passengers at high speed in Nonthaburi Province.  While speeding he lost control of the steering wheels and his pick-up truck had a head-on collision with another vehicle coming from the opposite direction.  The pick-up truck broke into half due to the impact of the accident. Amazingly all the passengers in the truck managed to escape unhurt and survived from this accident.  All 5 of them wore a bullet Takrut consecrated by Ajarn Ord. And they truly believed it was the bullet Takrut that had kept them safe and protected.  The file photo of the undisclosed survivor in this accident held the bullet Takrut during the news interview. It is said that bullet Takrut incantation scroll is capable of warding off dangers and accidents.

The next event happened on 13th May BE 2550.  Mr. ChaTree DuangPaKot who was a motorbike rider said that a guy whose name was Mr. FaHat had approached him for his service to go to Rangsit market. While he was riding, Mr. FaHat suddenly took out a knife and threatened him to stop the bike. When he stopped the bike, Mr. FaHat did not only robbed his money but also used the knife to stab him in his neck. However, the knife could not penetrate through his neck and Mr. Chatree only suffered a minor injury from this incident. Mr.ChaTree was admitted to hospital for a thorough check up and he was told that he only suffered from a minor injury. He strongly believed that he managed to survive from this bad situation because of Ajarn Ord's Takrut.  As the police were doubtful and did not believe Mr. Chatree, Police general Mr. Sopon PeungChai decided to prove how sharp this knife was. Mr. Sopon used this knife to cut a thick rubber tube. It was then found that the rubber tube completely broke into two in one cutting.

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