Luang Phor Soon

Luang Phor Soon

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Soon Wat Salagoon is one of the guru monks that is famous for his Hanuman amulet. Luang Phor Soon would consecrate his amulet by using this two material : Tree and Ivory. Luang Phor Soon studied magic under the guidance of Luang Phor Iam Wat Saphansoong and Phra Nakkha That Wat Salagoon. As Phra Nakkha That was the one that taught Luang Phor Soon the method of how to consecrate Hanuman amulet. Hanuman amulets are believed to help wearers prevent harm, protection against danger, evil spirit and black magic.

Whenever Luang Phor Soon finished consecrating the amulet, he would bless the amulet by bringing the amulet into the temple and asked his disciples to take trees such as bamboo, jujube and others to cover the amulet. Luang Phor Soon then asked his disciples to close the door and windows in the temple. Soon after that, he would start blessing the amulet. While he blessed the amulet, the amulet would start to jump and would land on top of the tree. After that, Luang Phor Soon would ask his disciples to take the amulets from the tree and put the amulets on the ground to bless the amulet once more.

Luang Phor Soon passed away in BE 2482 at the age of 78. But his Hanuman amulet still remains well-known and hard to find among the amulet collectors.

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