Luang Phor Parn

Luang Phor Parn

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Hia was born in BE 2368 in Tambon Klong Dan. When he was still young he was ordained as a novice monk at Wat Arun, Bangkok where he would study about Dharma and Kom to a reasonable proficiency before returning back to his home to help both of his parents on the family’s farm. However, once he reached the age of 20, he returned back to Wat Arun to ordained as a monk and studied diligently under many guru monks and is known to have excelled in mediation.                

At a later date, Luang Phor Parn moved to Wat Bang Hia, Amphur Bang Bo where he continued to study and was noted for his strict adherence to Lord Buddha's Dharma. In fact, the then-abbot of Wat Bang Hia gave Luang Phor Parn the responsibility of taking care and educating the young novice monks.                         

It was from Wat Bang Hia that Luang Phor Parn would start to travel into the nearby forests and jungles to practice an high-level of meditation that also presented him an opportunity to learn magic such as Aakom, Saiyasat (black magic) and Wetmon (incantation/spells) from Ajarn Nan.

After having knowledge about different magic, Luang Phor Parn was the first choice to take up the position of abbot at Wat Bang Hia as it became vacant.

Whilst practicing in the style of an ascetic monk from Tudong. Spending prolonged periods of time in forests and jungles to practice meditation. Luang Phor Parn then decided to go and learn incantations for Tiger magic from both Ajarn Tee and Ajarn Nan. As both Ajarn Tee and Ajarn Nan are widely known as highly proficient in Tiger Magic knowledge.

It was not an easy task as being accepted as a student. It required certain tests be passed to determine suitability, tests that involved wild tigers that must be called into the monks presence. In fact Luang Phor Parn passed the test whilst his companion decided that he was not suited and declined to continue finding fame in other magic.

Luang Phor Parn was described as possessing Aakom Klang due in part to his highly developed meditative powers. In fact it was widely believed that his powers increased exponentially during the period of the waxing moon and he possessed the ability to transfigure taking on the form of a snake.

As he had studied this highly specialised branch of magic he began to use that knowledge to create tiger amulets initially for local villagers.

Back in those days, fresh water tributaries originating from Bpaet Liw would pass through the jungles that surrounded the temple on their way to the ocean at Samut Prakan. However at high tide the currents would often reverse with salt water salt flowing in land and contaminating fresh water sources. This natural phenomena was the cause of severe hardship for many local farmers that depended on water to irrigate crops. Not only that the irrigation channels became infested with crocodiles.

The temple which sat on a major canal, Klong Baang, was responsible for maintaining an important flood gate. Dissatisfied locals blamed the temple for poor maintenance and used the derogatory term/expression ''hia'' or Wat Klong Baang Hia, which literally translated means something akin to ''Damn Temple''.

In BE 2443, the gate failed completely and such was the seriousness of this calamity that it was brought to the attention of King Chulalongkorn who as a result decided to personally visit and inspect the site himself where he remained for three days whilst the repair work was undertaken and to preside over the opening ceremony.

This extended stay presented an opportunity for the people to express gratitude. Luang Phor Parn created a specially engraved tiger tooth amulet which he offered as a gift.

There was a story that happened during the giving of the amulet to King Chulalongkorn. As Luang Phor Parn asked a young boy named Bok to bring the amulet along on a chanting plate to the place where King Chulalongkorn was resting. While approaching the place, the young boy toppled against an obstruction and lost his balance. As a result, some of the amulets dropped to the ground and were lost in the bushes. The boy panicked and quickly dashed to Luang Phor Parn. Luang Phor Parn then instructed the boy to look for a piece of meat and poked it through with a stick. Luang Phor Parn then started chanting and asked the boy to sweep the meat around the bush as though sweeping the floor. After a while, the stick with the meat was placed on the chanting plate where the amulets were missing. Within minutes, the plate was filled with the amulets that were missing. King Chulalongkorn who witnessed the whole incident and was very delighted and personally told Luang Phor Parn that he was deeply impressed.

Hence, King Chulalongkorn described Luang Phor Parn as an extraordinary monk , a monk that had already been enlightened having reached the status of an arahant

There was once Luang Phor Parn was  asked what the significance of the Tiger Tooth amulet was, and in what way it was meaningful. He replied,''I would often go to the jungles to practice meditation and during these times I encountered many large tigers and often had the opportunity to observe this majestic creature in its natural habitat and in particular its agility, intelligence and last but not least power. I would watch as other animals were seemingly hypnotized by this creature, surrendering to an unseen force.

Through my amulets I impart these characteristics, bringing powerful strength of character, resolution and determination to succeed in accomplishments. In fact the very same traits that distinguish the tiger.

Luang Phor Parn passed on in BE 2453 at the age of 87. Having spent 65 years of his life on monkshood and Buddhism.

Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Hia 與督造神獸崇迪 Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom 雖然同樣譯音為“Parn”,但兩位高僧是不一樣的,各有所長.

Luang Phor Parn 生於泰皇三世年代,佛歷 BE 2368年,於東部曠達府,師父自幼便出家為僧,其第一位恩師為Luang Phor Sirwatjee,及後他到過很多不同地方習法、打坐. 約在佛歷 BE 2398年左右,大師三十歲時,他遇到另一位恩師 Luang Phor Daeng Wat Engsirnalor,他是一位古代深山高人,精通老虎類法門,Luang Phor Parn Luang Phor Daeng習法約二十年,其恩師將一切傳授後,便回到Wat Bang Hia 直至完寂.

 Luang Phor Parn 一生為人寡言,經常會到深山打坐、禪修,有時只有一人,有時會與其他僧人結伴,研習最高的法門。大師加持的聖水、塔固、照片牌都有很好的口啤,但最為有名的為 “Kiew Sue Kae”(老虎),大師用虎牙雕刻成老虎法相,旁邊會放豬肉,加持念經直至老虎會跳到豬肉上為止. 而且每一尊都會用此心法開光,也是泰國唯一 一位有能力用此法門開光的聖僧. Luang Phor Parn 有時會在寺廟內制作虎王,有時則會自已到深山山洞或樹林中制作,其督造的虎王被全泰公認第一. 人們都相信每尊老虎內都有獨立的神獸靈.

在佛歷 2452年,Luang Phor Parn 與當時在位的五世皇一同到Wat Monggothawan出席開幕禮,當時有一位小沙彌拿著大師制作的老虎,准備給師父分送給其他人.但在經過一小橋時,不慎將碟子上的老虎全部跌入河中,當Luang Phor Parn 叫小沙彌把老虎給他時,碟子上已經空空如也。於是Luang Phor Parn 走到河邊,用一條繩子吊著豬肉放在河面上,一會兒掉入河中的小老虎全都跳上去著豬肉,情景就像老虎搶豬肉一樣,眾人都覺得十分驚奇,這也是Luang Phor Parn 最有名故事之一.

以前的四世皇非常喜歡研習佛法及寫書,其佛學修為也是非常有名的,而Luang Phor Parn的名字也被其紀錄在書中,泰皇指他是其中一位非常出色的聖僧. Luang Phor Parn 於佛歷 BE 2453年圓寂,享年87歲,65年僧侶生涯.

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