Luang Phor Promma

Luang Phor Promma

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Promma was born in BE 2440. At the age of 12, in BE 2452 he was ordained as a novice monk. Luang Phor Promma Wat Suan Himapant Nang Koi (Ubon Ratchathani) is one of the famous guru monks in Isan. He was ordained into the Sangha as a novice monk at the age of 12 and started learning Wicha and many other magic with Somdej Loon who was a Khmer master of Jampa Sak in Laos.  

He spent 6 years studying with Somdej Loon. After Somdej Lun passed on, Luang Phor Promma wandered around the country in Tudong practice. It was during his Tudong practice that he managed to meet and study under Ajarn Mun Bhuridatta. Ajarn Mun is a well-known guru monk. 

After studying with Ajarn Mun, Luang Phor Promma decided to go to live inside a cave on the peak of a mountain called Khao Kway. He stayed inside the cave to practice solitary for a period of 45 years. In BE 2533, he crossed the border to return back to Thailand. He went to stay in a cave where he noticed that many wild animals would come and cross the path. He stayed inside the cave to practice and soon his merit and renunciation became well-known that even Somdej Prataep Radtana Rachasauda Siam Boroma Rachachonanee (the Royal Princess) travelled twice to pay reverence and offerings to him.

Other than just staying in the cave to practice, Luang Phor Promma also helped the local folk and farmers to develop the area and preserve the forest and natural habitat. Luang Phor Promma passed away in BE 2545 due to heart disease at the age of 105 years old. 

Luang Phor Promma is known for his Lersi amulets. Due to the fact that, during his Tudong he learned Wicha from a Lersi who was living in the forest. This is part of the reason why most of Luang Phor Promma’s amulets are Lersi amulets. Most of his amulets were also consecrated from herbal powder and pollen. 

There are also news reports about people wearing Luang Phor Promma’s amulet. In BE 2536, a politician was in the news due to being a victim of an assaination attempt. It was reported that the car that he was in was destroyed from bullets. He was hitted by the bullets yet the bullets did not pierce through his skin. In fact, he was wearing Luang Phor Promma’s amulet. As the news has been reported, many people know about Luang Phor Promma and the assination attempt of the politician. 

Luang Phor Promma 生於 BE 2440. 在極小的年齡12歲就出家為僧修行,跟着僧皇級的Somdej Lun 高僧學習6年. 在Somdej Lun 高僧圓寂之後,Luang Phor Promma 與 Ajarn Mun一起在森林中禪坐修行.一段時日之後,兩位高僧就各别尋找清静地修行. Luang Phor Promma 找到一個極高山上的山洞,在此洞穴中修行時間就長達了45年.

在BE 2533 時,Luang Phor Promma 移居另一個山洞中修行 (在 Wat Suan Hin Pha Nang Khoi). 那時泰國的二公主(Somdej Prataep Radtana Rachasuda Siam Boroma Rachachonanee),也曾不辭路途遥遠,親自去拜見Luang Phor Promma兩次. Laung Phor Promma 僧侣生涯中,非常照顧百姓,幫助過無數的信眾。於森林當地的鄉親和農民的各種項目,開發面積和保護野生森林和自然棲息地. 

據說火眼魯士修行者就是Luang Phor Promma的師父,指導高僧禪坐及修行術法,也難怪高僧要選擇那樣險峻的高山來修行,因為修行就是從自身修起. 而Luang Phor Promma 生平最具知名度的作品,就是魯士修行者的佛牌聖物了.只要是誠心的佛弟子,佩帶高僧的魯士修行者,可開智慧,成為指引明燈.凡是需要考試的,為人師表的,需要授業的,都感到高僧佛牌的靈驗。很多民間的魯士修行者,白衣師父,也都曾向Luang Phor Promma 拜求指導修行之道. 

後來在泰國非常知名的Luang Phor Promma,盡管已經高齡,還居住高山上,但對於一些受邀参與的加持督造法會,都沒有拒絕,使得晚年身體非常差. 高僧在 BE 2545 8月23日晚上22点11分31秒圓寂,享年105歲. 高僧是因過勞所引起的心臟病,但高僧的慈愛,將永留信眾心中.

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