Luang Phor Yen

Luang Phor Yen

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Yen Thanaradato who was born on 21th March BE 2445 and passed away on 12th May BE 2539 is famous for his Dtua Por Pan Pitsadarn amulets. At the same time, Luang Phor Yen is known to be a guru monk that has good humor and the ability to teach Dharma in a way that was not boring. On top of that, one of the most notable things he had done was to build Wat Sra Bprian and  Sathaani Anamai Health Building located at Chainat. 

Luang Phor Yen managed to build Wat Sra Bprian and the Health Building through the funds that were collected from his devotees that flocked to him in the faith for his purity of Patipata, his great Metta and his amulets. One thing that is known is that Luang Phor Yen received the secret Wicha from an mysterious yet legendary guru monk Luang Phor Tarp Loke Udorn.

Other than that, Luang Phor Yen also learned Wicha Akom from Luang Phor Sri Wat Pra Prang and Luang Phor Im Wat Hua Khao. In fact, Luang Phor Yen was not only famous for his amulets but also a special Wicha known as “Wicha Mer Yaw” that he had learned from his teachers. 

In fact,he was also a friend of Luang Phor Guay Wat Kositaram. Even though Luang Phor Yen was older than Luang Phor Guay, he would often call Luang Phor Guay “ Luang Pi”. Luang Pi means older brother. This was one of his characteristics as it shows his lack of arrogance and humility. When people ask Luang Phor Yen the reason behind why he would address Luang Phor Guay  as “Luang Pi”. The answer was that he was younger as a monk that was ordained as Luang Phor Guay ordained first before him.

Once there was a time, whereby Luang Phor Yen was staying for his rain retreat at Wat Kositaram. He happened to see a young monk walk past his Kuti and Luang Phor Yen invited him to drink some tea with him. As they were sipping the tea, they had a conversation regarding ordination and learning of Dharma. The young monk told Luang Phor Yen that he has had many experiences and should go for Tudong. Yet Luang Phor Yen replied that he preferred to build a temple as his work for this lifetime but he did not have a clue about how to achieve such a thing. 

The young monk replied and told Luang Phor Yen that he should go fetch some incense sticks and he would show him how it is done. So Luang Phor Yen brought the young monk some incense sticks and the young monk took the sticks and made them into a form of the Thai letter “P”. Then the young monk took some white Sincana Cord thread and bound it around the letter. As the young monk bound the Sincana Cord thread around the letter P made from incense sticks, he started chanting. He then performed a final spell at the end and blew it over the Letter P. He then taught the whole method of consecrating and blessing the Dtua Por Pan Pitsadarn to Luang Phor Yen in all its facets and subtle depths as to how the method should be done. As Luang Phor Yen bowed down to the young monk to thank him and respect him by the time he looked up again, the young monk had mysteriously disappeared. However Luang Phor Yen could remember the young monk clearly. 

At a later period of time, Luang Phor Yen left Wat Kositaram and travelled to visit Luang Phor Buddha who was at that time staying at Wat Arwut. Luang Phor Yen told the story of the strange young monk and Wicha Dtua Por Pan Pitsadarn that he had received. As he was telling the story, Luang Phor Yen gazed over at the bucha altar in Luang Phor Buddha’s Kuti and got a surprise because it was that young monk that taught him Wicha Dtua Por Pan Pitsadarn.

Luang Phor Yen pointed at the picture and asked Luang Phor Buddha who is the monk that was in the picture frame on the altar. Luang Phor Buddha replied by saying that it was the picture of Luang Phor Taep Loke Udorn. Then the miracle became the truth as Luang Phor Taep Loke Udorn is known to be a mysterious monk that was never founded but would appear from time to time to perform miracles or teach Wicha to other guru monks and protect Buddha Dharma. It has been mentioned that Luang Phor Taep Loke Udorn is believed by some locals to be the still living miracle Buddha ‘Kassapa’ who appeared as Luang Phor Taep Loke Udorn.

After this, Luang Phor Yen would begin to consecrate Dtua Por Pan Pitsadarn amulet and bless the amulet with the exact Wicha that he had been taught. Through this, Luang Phor Yen also developed and discovered the secret methods in the practice. On top of that, Luang Phor Yen also managed to fund and build Wat Sra Bprian with the merits made from his devotees receiving the Dtua Por Pan amulet and with the ever increasing faith of the people living at Chainat. From time to time, Luang Phor Yen would receive support from the folk and achieve  the meritorious deed of building a temple. On top of that, he also managed to build a sanitary station and offices for the Ministry of Health to enable the local folks to have better health standards called “Sathani Anamai Hua Den”. 

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