Luang Phor Prom

Luang Phor Prom

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Prom Wat Parabupat is a  guru monk that used to be the abbot of Wat Parabupat in Pattani Province (South of Thailand). He is a guru monk that is respected by the locals and foreigners. Luang Phor Prom would consecrate amulets for devotees to wear. There are several reports that devotees wearing his holy item were protected that appeared on the news media.

Luang Phor Prom was born in BE 2459 in Pattani Province. At the age of 22, he was ordained first time at Wat Huai Ngoh, Pattani Province in BE 2481. However, he disrobed for some reason. In BE 2530, Luang Phor Prom was ordained for the second time at Wat Parabupat and had stayed here.

In fact, Luang Phor Prom loves to learn. While he was young, he started to learn many things such as herb, magic and many more. He learnt the knowledge of herbs from his father. And then he applies the knowledge to cure people that are sick regardless of their religion. After his ordination, he set his heart on learning and practicing Buddha teaching. Luang Phor Prom treats everyone equally and would often teach anyone that visits him about the Dharma of Buddha. Therefore, people started to pay respect to him. 

Luang Phor Prom was more well-known to the public due to his Hanuman amulet. It was reported that during the consecration of the amulet. The amulets were “jumping out” from his amulet bowl while he was blessing it. Furthermore, there are experiences of life saving moments by the Thai soldiers after wearing Luang Phor Prom amulets.

Luang Phor Prom 為泰南北大年Wat Paranupat住持,是已故Ajarn Thong Wat Sampaocher 的師弟.師父為人低調專注修行.

師父為近年泰國人氣極盛的家喻戶曉泰南聖僧,出生於 BE 2459 ,並於佛歷 BE 2552首次製作過一批聖物.

當中靈驗事跡天天不斷發生,當中最為人熟悉的是M16襲擊事件,Pattani最出名恐怖分子襲擊,不止當地的居民連防衛的兵士每天都提心吊膽;不知何時會被恐怖分子擊中斃命。所以兵士們都會到當地的廟找師父請聖物佩戴保命. 在 Luang Phor Prom 的第一幫自身牌讓信徒請回不久後,就發生了有一位兵士被恐怖分子有M16機關槍襲擊. 那位士兵在被擊中是心想這次完了,誰知那兵士不沒有死只受了點皮外傷. 後來那兵士想起自己佩戴了 Luang Phor Prom 的聖物才保了自己的性命. 之後消息一傳十,十傳百,很多人都知道這事件。當時該名士兵受M16步槍打中身上多處,神奇的是該士兵只受到皮外傷,原來是配帶著 Luang Phor Prom 的自身牌,當事件發生後,泰國當地人便蜂擁供請師父的聖物,由於當時聖物制造數量有限,所以之後師父決定製作不同的聖物供各信眾供請配帶. 另有信徒攔下高速公路的致命車禍. 

而師父的聖物因含有 Ajarn Nong Wat Saikao 的聖料,擋險神跡不斷.因此大部分在泰南軍人手中 ,被視作 Ajarn Nong 千變萬化符管最佳替代.師父 BE 2553年與 Luang Phor Kaew Wat Huay Ngor 一起開光加持哈努曼時,一批哈努曼不停跳動,更有些從廟盒跳出,十分神奇.信徒更對大師的修為欽佩不已.BE 2555年 Luang Phor Koon Wat Ban Rai 限量發行的龍宮舍利崇迪,力邀 Luang Phor Prom一起加持.由 Luang Phor Koon 加持完畢後再將聖物送至泰南由Luang Phor Prom 再次進行加持.師父尤為擅長招財及擋險法門,Luang Phor Tuad、符管 等等都是熱門稀缺的代表作.

自Ajarn Thong 圓寂後,Luang Phor Prom Wat Paranuphat  與  Luang Phor Kaew Wat Huay Ngor 被稱為該府最後兩位高僧.

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