Luang Phor Phut

Luang Phor Phut

by Jun Wei

Phra Raj Sangworayan also known as Luang Phor Phut Thaniyo is the former abbot of Wat Pa Salawan. Beside that, he is also a guru monk that resided in Northeastern Thailand and is known to be the last disciple of Luang Phor Sao Kantaseelo.

He was born on 8th February BE 2464 in Saraburi Province. However when he was at the age of 4, his mother unfortunately passed away which then led him and his father moving to Sakon Nakhon Province.

By the time he was at the age of 15, he was ordained as a novice at Wat Insuwan in Sakon Nakhon Province. After his ordination, he started to study meditation and mantra under the guidance of Luang Phor Sao Kantaseelo. By BE 2483, Luang Phor Sao brought him to Wat Pathumwanaram which is located at Bangkok to let him become the disciple of Luang Phor Noo Thitapanyo. Hence, he spent several years at Wat Pathumwanaram and was then ordained as a monk at the temple at the age of 21. 

However during the Pacific War, Luang Phor Phut moved to reside at Wat Burapha which is at Ubon Ratchathani Province. As a matter of fact, he resided at Wat Burapha until BE 2489. During his stay at Wat Burapha, Luang Phor Phit was actually sick and had the chance to meet Ajarn Fan Ajaro. Ajarn Fan helped Luang Phor Phut by teaching how to contemplate 32 symptoms and gave him mental support till he got well. 

It was until BE 2513 that Luang Phor Phut became the abbot of Wat Pa Salawan and contributed many things to the society not only developing Wat Pa Salawan, teaching of Dharma, building of school, purchasing medical equipment, supporting the monk's hospital and many more. However, Luang Phor Phut passed away on 15th May BE 2542 at the age of 78. 


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