Luang Phor Hok

Luang Phor Hok

by Jun Wei

Wat Thakam is an old buddhist temple located in Tambon Huai Luek, Kuan Niang District, Songkhla Province. When mentioning Wat Thakam many people would also think of Luang Phor Hok who is the former abbot of Wat Thakam. 

Luang Phor Hok was born in BE 2433 in Songkhla Province. He had 3 other siblings. Before Luang Phor Hok was ordained as a monk, he was in fact the husband of Miss Sen and had a total of 6 children. At that time, Luang Phor Hok was just a local traditional doctor that was able to cure people who are sick and was also an exorcist. However later on, Luang Phor Hok was ordained as a monk at Wat Kuan Peng and then moved to Wat Saiton then to the cemetery “ Pacha Banh Huai Luek and finally Wat Thakam. When Luang Phor Hok was at Wat Thakam the nearby villagers invited him to be the abbot. At that period of time, Wat Thakam was an average temple. And it was due to Luang Phor Hok as the abbot of the temple that he developed the temple to a better condition and stayed there for 30 - 40 years before he passed on. 

Luang Phor Hok was a monk that was silent, humble, simple and merciful. Whenever villagers were in trouble and asked for guidance, Luang Phor Hok was always willing to give them a helping hand. When the Buddhist Lent was over, Luang Phor Hok would usually go to Tudong. As he was interested to learn more Wicha and was good at it as he began learning Wicha since he was a layman. Luang Por Hok studied many Wicha over a considerable period of time. Meanwhile, he would also collect and consecrate many sacred powders of amulets. It was his personal wish to consecrate a batch of amulets to help devotees and the villagers nearby. 

So in BE 2509, he consecrated his first batch of Kradook Pee amulets in the form of Phra Leela ( Walking Buddha Image) with Yant on the back. The materials he used to consecrated these amulets consist of 

  1. Human ashes from 108 cemeteries. Luang Phor Hok would limit himself to four corpses per graveyard and only that has passed away on Saturday and cremated on Tuesday. Luang Phor Hok collected the ashes when he went for Tudong. Back in the past, people would do cremation in the forest. After they burn the body, they will get some of the ashes while Luang Phor Hok will get the remaining ones. But every time, before Luang Phor Hok got the ashes, he would always do the proper ceremony. 
  1. Powder of 108 kinds of plants
  1. Yant powder, powder from writing a magical script for 108 times
  1. Katha powder, powder from writing 108 Katha (108 spells)
  1. Carpel powder and others

Luang Phor Hok mentioned that he wanted to give those that had departed an opportunity to increase merit by helping those in need, although this was only possible through his ability to control the spirits through Katha Arkom or incantation. Luang Phor Hok received a lot of  assistance from devotees and villagers to grind the bones into  powder. This was mixed with his own sacred powders that he had collected over decades, specifically for the purpose of consecrating amulets. Actually this batch of  amulets were hand pressed one at a time by Luang Phor Hok himself. It is generally believed that these amulets offer spiritual guidance and protection and are often associated with charm, luck and fortune. This batch of amulet was also considered special as Luang Phor Hock collected powder to consecrate it for years. When he got enough powder, then he began consecrating. 

Luang Phor Hock would bless each material every day. It was until BE 2510 that  Luang Phor Hock mixed all materials together and hand-pressed a mould before distributing it. While pressing, Luang Phor Hok would bless the amulet at the same time. This procedure was done in the daytime. Every day, Luang Phor Hock repeated the blessing singly in his room in the evening. Luang Phor Hock would bless the amulet until he felt sure that the amulets were ready to be distributed out. After that, Luang Phor Hock held the major blessing ceremony, invited many top guru monks to join. When amulets were ready to distribute, Luang Phor Hock distributed them to villagers and devotees. People who had the amulet had experience in protection and charm. Moreover, the amulet could be used to protect one from evil spirit and black magic.

Luang Phor Hock passed away at Songkhla Hospital in BE 2524 at the age of 91. His disciples held the funeral for him at Wat Nam Noi Nork, Songkhla Province and kept his ashes at the base of his statue at Wat Thakam, Songkhla. 

Additional Information regarding the materials for Phra Leela: 

1.) The 108 ashes were given a proper blessing and was done with the permission of the family members to collect for each site, this took years to collect before the first creation even before the official batch.

2.) 10,000 - 20,000 pieces were consecrated, not a single piece was hidden in any Chedi because there was no Chedi  in the temple.

3.) There is a total of 3 blocks - White, Grey and Brown

4 .) Materials were blended together to create this Neng Roi Paed Pacha means 108 human ashes from cemetery.

5.) Amulets were blessed 1 by 1 everyday personally by Luang Phor Hok until it was ready before a mass chanting and distributing it out. 

6.) A spell was imprinted behind - PU, TANG, NI, MI, TANG

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