Luang Phor Nui

Luang Phor Nui

by Jun Wei

Luang Nui (Luang Phor Nui) was one of the well-known masters that consecrated amulets of Jatukam RamaThep. It is known he was ordained as a monk in BE 2528 spending 24 rainy seasons in monkhood. However, he passed away on 3rd January BE 2554 and his funeral was held at Wat Ko Hong. 

On 2nd July BE 2551, there was a news report by Malaysia's New Life Post paper that mentioned Luang Nui. At that time, Luang Nui was at the age of 51 and is famous for his Jatukam Ramathep. It is believed that during his consecration ceremonies, he would invite the deity to be involved. Although there are some other monks or masters that are famous for Jatukam amulet. One such example would be Ajarn Khun Pan who was a well-known police officer that has the knowledge of Wicha and would often be invited to investigate uncommon death or crime. A few years ago at a big consecration ceremony, Luang Nui shocked everyone that was present at the ceremony when he did a long deity dance under the possession of Jatukam. However, the Vinaya forbids monks from deity mediumship and priesthood. According to Thai Buddhist tradition, this role is reserved solely for white-robe masters or Lersi. Due to this, he received a lot of criticisms yet at the same time there are many devotees that support him as well.

People started to support him in BE 2547 after they witnessed a miracle during a Jatukam ceremony at Wat Ko Hong. The skies were originally clear and sunny, but soon after Luang Nui started chanting to invite Jatukam, storm clouds quickly gathered out of nowhere. A great downpour with strong winds followed, but the supurise thing was that it only rained heavily outside the temple. Within the temple, there was no more than a light drizzle, it was as if the deities were sprinkling everyone there with holy water. Soon after this story started to spread around, many people started to notice and become interested in Luang Nui. To the extent that Luang Nui was invited to Bangkok to meet with the Princess as well as Phra Sangharaja. 

When Phra Sangharaj heard about Luang Nui's unconventional behavior during consecration ceremonies, he did not censure him; instead he just advised him to be more careful and be mindful of his position as a monk in public. Luang Nui took it as encouragement and continued to do what he believed was right.

After that, those ceremonies that had been held not only were there wind, rain and dances. More and more stuff started to get featured, like slashing himself with a sword, shooting with bow and arrows, chanting on elephants etc. Due to this, some of the people thought Luang Nui as a mercenary monk and shunned him. Despite the controversy, he explained that he does not keep any of the wealth for himself, but spend every cent to help charities, schools, hospitals and temples

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