Ajarn Meng

Ajarn Meng

by Jun Wei

It was at the age of 14 that Ajarn Meng had already started to study Visha from many guru monks of Thailand and at that point of time he could also use Rak-Yom efficiently. Later on, he went to study with Luang Tia (Phra Suraphong Pongsingha) Wat Klang Na. Through the guidance of Luang Tia, Ajarn Meng was able to learn about Vithee Tang That, calling ghosts for protection, looking after your house, making a charm, releasing black objects and so on. 

Furthermore, Ajarn Meng also had the opportunity to meet Luang Phor Mee at Wat Manwichai. In fact Ajarn Meng also studied about Kru Lersi, Yant Na Nah Thong according to the books of Luang Phor Chong Wat Na Tang Nok, Yant Phrom See Nah until the blowing of Yant advanced. In the sign of Yant Krok Petch according to Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho.

Thing to note is that whenever Ajarn Meng had free time, he would go and pay respect to Luang Phor Mee and Luang Phor Mee was also willing to give Ajarn Meng to collect Muan San and Wahn for consecrating of Phra Khun Paen amulets. When Luang Phor Mee passed away, Ajarn Meng was in a hurry and stopped his work in order to go straight to Luang Phor Mee’s funeral to pay respect to him.

Besides that, Ajarn Meng also studied Visha Serm-duang, Kah (trade)-duang, and correcting Arthan. Nowadays, Ajarn Meng would dedicate himself to help out people a lot and is also one of the well-known white robed masters.

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