Kruba Krissada

Kruba Krissada

by Jun Wei

Kruba Krissada Wat San Phra Chao Deang is currently one of the well-known monks in Northern Thailand. On 8th June BE 2519 which was one day before Kruba Krissada was born, his mother dreamt about a precious pearl flying towards her and it was for her to keep it safe. This dream of her happened not long after she was about to give birth. It was till the next night on 9th June BE 2519 around 11pm, she gave birth of a child. Due to the raining weather and the condition of the traffic, that was no way that she could go to the hospital to give birth. The reason behind why Kruba Krissada was given this name by his parents was because of the dream that his mother had. When Kruba Krissada was born, that was also an image of a lotus on his right leg which is still very obviously shown till nowadays.

  As a child, Kruba Krissada was a hardworking, intelligent,humble, caring and filial son. But due to his poor health, he would always fall sick. However it was due to the influence of his grandfather that he started to study about Dharma at a young age. Whenever his grandfather had free time, he would bring Kruba Krissada to the temple to do merits. The first time when Kruba Krissada stared at the Buddha statue in the temple, he felt that the Buddha statue was smiling at him and felt incredibly happy. From that day onward, whenever he visits the temple  with his grandfather, he would always do it sincerely and every time when he stares at the Buddha statue, he always has the mindset of becoming a monk.

After completing his studies in primary school, he went to ordained as a monk that practices Dharma and Wicha under the guidance of Phra Kru Sol Pom Lai Tanasan who happened to be the abbot of Wat San Phra Chao Deang at the age of 20. 

While he was studying in Wat San Phra Chao Deang in BE 2533, he had the chance to meet Kruba Innda Wat Huai Sai for the first time. Afterwards, Kruba Innda took him in as a disciple, Kruba Krissada felt indescribable excitement as Kruba Innda is known to be a monk for his knowledge about Dharma and Wicha. Due to this reason he would always travel to visit Kruba Innda as he was keen to seek for more knowledge about Dharma and Wicha. And it was due to this reason that they both became very close just like a relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. One thing to note is that even though Kruba Krissada always travels between the 2 temples, he would always fulfil his duties in a perfectly satisfactory manner.

Due to Kruba Krissada having a hardworking and keen to learn attitude. At the age of 20, he has already memorized 3 of the famous Buddhist scriptures and managed to give a speech about this 3 Buddhist scripture. In 7th May BE 2539, he was officially ordained as a monk under Phra Kru Sol Pom Lai Tanasan as his Preceptor, Luang Pu Sing Kam as his vice Preceptor.  Within the period of 5 years after his ordination, he was appointed as the abbot of Wat San Phra Chao Deang at the age of 25 due to his knowledge in Dharma and his attitude towards Buddhism Practice. In his mind, his priority is to expand the temple's build around and repair of Wat San Phra Chao Deang. 



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