Luang Phor Lam

Luang Phor Lam

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Lam Wat Klang Pathum Thani is a guru monk that is famous for Metta Maha Niyom, Metta Maha Seneh. Luang Phor Lam is also from the lineage of Wicharama (Lineage for Strong Metta Maha Niyom). Luang Phor Lam himself is also the luksit of Luang Phor Sawan Wat Thian Tarai (who is famous for Gejit Wicha) and Luang Phor Nom (who is famous for Maha Seneh Wicha). Luang Phor Lam was born on BE 2515.

During his monkhood, Luang Phor Lam was well-known for giving Maha Seneh and Metta Maha Niyom blessing to his devotees. As he would travel to other temples for learning and exchanging Wicha knowledge. Hence, Luang Phor Lam was able to collect more holy powders from temples such as Wat Bang Kang, Wat Rakang Kositaram, Wat LadanNok, Wat Bang Kaew and many other temples which he would included all this materials into his blessing and consecrating of amulets of his. Amulets of Luang Phor Lam such as Pim Khun Paen Roon Nai Puk Sa contain the holy powders that he has collected and was blessed a total of 9 times before releasing it out.

There was one memorable story that happened to Luang Phor Lam. There were once 3 famous tiger bandits who would often conduct robbery and flee into the forest for hiding.  However, they did surrender after an awhile. The reason behind why they surrender was because of Luang Phor Lam. The story started like this : This one time all three of them flee into the forest but they lose their way in the forest and come to a point that they see Luang Phor Lam who happens to be meditating under a Kuti. Luang Phor Lam told them that their time is up and if they could walk out from his vision. They would suffer deeply by their own karma deeds. Hence, all three of them repent their act and donate their wealth into consecrating the first batch of Rian by Luang Phor Lam (Rian LP Lam BE 2468). The amulet series was named after the bandits as Rian San Pi Nong (The Three Brothers). There were a total of 5030 pieces consecrated whereby 30 pieces were Nur Thong Luang while the remaining 5000 pieces were in Nur Thong Deng material.

It is unknown which year Luang Phor Lam passed on. 

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