Ajarn Teelek

Ajarn Teelek

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Tee Lek or most people would often call Phra Ajarn Tee Lek was born on 10th May BE 2522 in Phetchabun Province. Ajarn Tee Lek is believed to be an uncommon monk. Despite being young, he is very knowledgeable in Wicha. He was ordained as a monk at a young age as he had an interest in Buddhism. Ajarn Tee Lek also likes to go to Tudong to practice comtemplation as he would walk in the forests of the Northern and North-Eastern Part of Thailand over to Myanmar. Along the way, Ajarn Tee Lek received and learned Wicha and meditation from many guru monks. Guru monks such as Luang Phor Suang and many others. As mentioned, Ajarn Tee Lek used to learn Wicha from Luang Phor Suang who happens to be known as “the 500 years old monk” and one of the most mysterious monks in Thailand. He spent 2 years and 8 months studying Wicha under the guidance of Luang Phor Suang. As Luang Phor Suang taught him his Wicha. Under the guidance and learning from Luang Phor Suang, it made Ajarn Tee Lek understand the importance of a strong mindfulness. Ajarn Tee Lek also used to learn meditation from guru monks that follow the way of Ajarn Mun.As Ajarn Mun is known to be a famous guru monk that meditates often in the forest.  Ajarn Tee Lek would spend most of his time on meditation in the way of Buddhism. He established the Dharma retreat, Samnak Khao Su Namo in Phetchabun Province.

Nowadays, Ajarn Tee Lek is well-known as his amulet has protected devotees from life-threatening events. One of the examples would be his Takrut which devotees managed to find out that it could make a gun disable. In fact, Ajarn Tee Lek consecrated amulets to help people and gathered funds to develop his Dharma retreat in order to keep Buddhism. As Ajarn Tee Lek follows the simple way of living of Luang Phor Suang, his teacher.

Phra Ajarn Tee Lek 从小就剃度出家,跟随泰国各大名师习法修炼人缘招财法术,避险法术,还有刀枪不入法术. 恩师是 Luang Phor Suang, Luang Phor Utamat Wat Wang Wit Wer Karam Kacanaburi, Luang Phor Poon Wat Pailom, Luang Phor Seng Tian Akalitco Chaiyaphon, Luang Phor Lot Wat Santikawat Phisenolo, Luang Phor Khui Jittamutmo Wat Samtakean Petchabun (Luang Phor Thob的徒弟).

Ajarn Tee Lek 是跟 Luang Phor Suk Wat Pla Kong Makamtao, Luang Phor Derm Wat Nong Pho 同一脉的,到了中年后曾步行泰国北部森林,缅甸,寮国 ,拜访多位大名顶顶深山Lersi修炼使他的法力更上一层楼.

Ajarn Tee Lek 除了以Kong Krapan “刀枪不入护身符法门见称外,也专长以大自然的圣物督制招财人缘佛宝,近期为马来西亚的信徒带来了不少横财,也帮信徒挡过劫. 去年有位马六甲的信徒遇到匪徒被砍了一刀,幸好身上戴着师父的牌奇迹出现刀砍不进才挡过一劫. Ajarn Tee Lek 也因制作避弹达固而红遍全泰国. 师傅制作的圣物包括亲手写的达固、108达固,子弹达固、Leklai达固,自身牌、布符、龙普托, 闭眼佛等,师傅多样圣物有成功试枪记录,信徒也称呼师傅为避险王,卡枪王,避弹王等等外号.

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