Luang Phor Ding

Luang Phor Ding

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Ding also can be known as Phra Kru Pibulkanaruk is no doubt one of the most well-known guru monks that originated from Chachoengsao Province. Luang Phor Ding was born on 14th March BE 2420 in Chachoengsao Province. Since young, he received his education at Wat Bangwua and ordained as a monk at the age of 20 on 10th April BE 2440. His preceptors were Luang Phor Dit Wat Bangsamak, Luang Phor Jarng Wat Bangsamak and Phra Ajarn Plod Wat Bangwua.

Two years after his ordination, Luang Phor Ding went to learn Dharma under the guidance of Luang Phor Moe at Wat Trimitr, Bangkok. However, only a year later, Phra Ajarn Pia who was the abbot of Wat Bangwua passed away. Luang Phor Ding was invited to return to Wat Bangwua and be appointed as the new abbot of Wat Bangwua. Hence in BE 2443, Luang Phor Ding became the abbot of Wat Bangwua. And it was considered within a short period of time that Luang Phor Ding became the abbot of Wat Bangwua just after his ordination that took place 3 years ago.

However, at that period of time Wat Bangwua was not recognised as an official temple as it was called Sumnaksong Bangwua located on a land that belongs to the land owner Mr. Tuay Sroisupan. But shortly after Luang Phor Ding was appointed as the abbot of Wat Bangwua, he started the process of temple renovation. The rebuilding process of the temple was conducted on a new land which was donated by a group of locals.

Apart from the re-development of Wat Bangwua, Luang Phor Ding also learnt Wicha and Dharma from three senior guru monks. They are Luang Phor Dit Wat Bangsamak, Luang Phor Pern Wat Ban-Gao, Chonburi Province and Luang Phor Pler Wat Juankerkun, Samutprakarn Province.

In fact, Luang Phor Ding did not start consecrating amulets until BE 2481 whereby he began to consecrate his first amulet which is a monkey (Ling) carved from wood. There is also a saying that the monkey (Ling) craved by Luang Phor Ding is the best. One of Luang Phor Ding’s most well-known amulets is also from the year BE 2481 and is known as Rian Roop Meuan.  This batch of Rian is considered Luang Phor DIng’s first batch of Rian and is part of the Benjapakee set for Rian.

Luang Phor Ding is also well-known for his Loop Om. It is believed that the wearer of Luang Phor Ding’s Loop Om will be given the strength of 7 elephants when one requires help. The Loop Om consists of many materials from well-known temples. The layer of black lacquer applied by Luang Phor Ding is to make sure that the Loop Om can be in a good condition for a longer period of time. When the Loop Om was distributed out, there was a devotee that put the Loop Om inside his mouth and used a knife and attempted cutting himself yet nothing happened and he was not injured. There were also soldiers that went to pay respect to Luang Phor Ding to request for his Loop Om hoping that his Loop Om will protect them from being harmed by the bullets during wartime.

Despite the fact that Luang Phor Ding was famous, he did not consecrate many amulets as it took a lot of his energy to consecrate amulets and he needed a long period of time to recover hence his amulets are hardly to be seen. This is also one of the reasons why amulet collectors cherish his amulets.

Luang Phor Ding peacefully passed away on 6th August BE 2495 at the age of 75.




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