Luang Phor Kong

Luang Phor Kong

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Kong was born on 20th September BE 2445 to the family of Mr Song and Mrs Ong. He was officially ordained twice. The first time that he was ordained was at the age of 21 at Wat Taprai, Trad Province in the year BE 2465. However, after 2 years and 3 months he disrobed. Then on  5th March BE 2477, he was ordained once again at Wat Chompulai, Trad Province by Phra Atikarn Pook as the Phra Upacha. 

Luang Phor Kong studied Dharma and Wicha from many guru monks including his own grandfather Luang Phor Kiriket. Luang Phor Kiriket is known to be an expert in Kongkapang (that protects devotees from all kinds of weapons). Luang Phor Kong also studied under Luang Phor May Wat Marppai, Luang Phor Um Wat Stonoi, Luang Phor Joh Wat Pongrongsen and many others. 

Moreover he even traveled to Burma to learn a sacred magic called Seuasaming (Seuasaming was derived from an legend about the sacred soul of fierce tigers, which could transform into a man or a woman during the night hours. The locals were warned not to listen or follow any mysterious sounds after nightfall as it could be the sound of Seuasaming luring them.) in which he became highly specialised. Upon returning to Thailand, he consecrated many amulets which include amulets that feature the image of a tiger. 

Luang Phor Kong was respected by many other well-known guru monks. Just to name a few : Luang Pu Toh Wat Pradoochimplee, Luang Phor Krum Wat Wungwa and Luang Phor Srunual Wat Kwianhuk. Moreover, many temples throughout Thailand would often invite Luang Phor Kong to join mass chanting ceremonies for the consecration of amulets. Luang Phor Kong never rejected the invitation despite that he spent most of his time devoted to helping the sick with his secret herbal remedies. 

In BE 2508, Luang Phor Kong was appointed to be the abbot of Wat Wang Sapparot, Chantaburi Province. He stayed at the temple until BE 2532 when he passed on. Luang Phor Kong passed away on 25th September BE 2532 at the age of 87. Having spent around 55 years in monkhood serving Buddhism. 

Despite Luang Phor Kong having passed away for 31 years, he is still respected for his dedication and sacred powers. As during the period of World War II, he has consecrated many amulets to help innocent people to protect themselves from bombs and bullets. There is even news that it has been reported that a female devotee’s life has been saved from a deadly accident at Nongkla market, Tamai District by wearing Luang Phor Kong’ s amulet. 

Luang Phor Kong 生於佛曆 BE 2445年10月20日,父為Song,母親為Ong。於佛曆 BE 2465年第一次Wat Taprai出家做小沙彌,不久27個月後還俗. 於佛曆 BE 2477年3月5日正式出家成為一位僧人,當時在Wat Chompulai寺廟出家. Pra Atikarn Pook為戒師. 

在他出家的期間四處遊歷尋找不同的法術,其中包括了很多都是開光聖物的法術及解降的法術,而當地居民都會找他解降或醫病,有部份當地人都會稱他為法術神醫. Luang Phor Kong 為人善心,樂於助人,當年第二次世界大戰曾經送出大量符布、符紋衫、符管、巴拉杰及老虎等聖物,給每一個該區將要出戰的士兵,而所有有帶師父送的聖物的士兵,全部都能安全歸來,事後大師更加令到當地村民的愛帶.

後來佛曆 BE 2508年,Luang Phor Kong 被委任為Wat Wang Sapparot 的主持,他在村裡神醫的形象深入民心,而且非常之多的信眾前來拜見師父. 當年最多人知名的事情的,Luang Phor Kong 打算將尖竹汶府中的一條主要道路Sukhumvit Road(此道路是非常主要的幹線,可由近柬埔寨的桐艾府一直去到竹汶府、羅勇府、芭提雅、春武里府及曼谷等多個城市).

Luang Phor Kong 呼籲廟內上上下下的善信及同善心人使籌款,在寺廟中亦不同的分式的籌款,包括舉辦大班法會,做佛牌等等的活動,以吸引更多人來前來參拜。竟然,皇天不負有心人,是次籌款共籌得9,399,485泰幣,總算係功德完滿. 由於當時他相當有名,所以泰皇亦有親自前來寺廟拜見他,並佛曆 BE 2522年 給了他一個稱號,英文譯音為"Phra Kru Arwishu ,其中文意思是有著源源不絕的力量. 可惜師父在Wat Wang Sapparot 直到 BE 2532年9月15日圓寂. 

Luang Phor Kong 在佛曆 BE 2500年曾出席當年 BE 2500行走佛大法會,能夠出席此法會,地位上可見一班. 而且許多寺廟在泰國經常邀請他去。他從來不拒絕. 


Luang Pu Toh Wat Pradoochimplee, Luang Phor Krum Wat Wangwa 也很尊重 Luang Phor Kong.

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