Luang Phor Kloy

Luang Phor Kloy

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Kloy was the former abbot of Wat PuKow Thong, Phatthalung Province. He was born on 9th February BE 2472. At the age of 19, he was already ordained as a novice at Wat DaunSaLa and by the time he reached the age of 21 he was ordained as a monk at Wat KuanBun TaRarm on 1st March BE 2493. It is known that Luang Phor Kloy has strong mindfulness. On top of that, he went to learn Wicha and the method of consecrating amulets from Luang Phor Led Wat Khao Orr. Luang Phor Led is known to be a guru monk that many people living in the Southern Part of Thailand respect. In addition, Luang Phor Kloy is an expert on consecrating Hoon Phayon amulets as he was taught how to consecrate Hoon Phayon amulets by Luang Phor Led and Luang Phor Pan as both are known to be guru monks of Wat Khao Orr. On top of that, Wat Khao Orr is a well-known magic school whereby many guru monks and masters in the past and present have gone to Wat Khao Orr to learn Wicha and most people believed that amulets from Wat Khao Orr can protect one from danger or evil spirits.

But sadly, Luang Phor Kloy had passed away on 14th December BE 2557.

Luang Phor Kloy BE2472 29日出生. 他是19岁时在Wat DaunSaLa,并于BE 2493 31日成为和尚Wat KuanBun TaRarm.  Luang Phor Kloy 有很强的正念力.  此外,他还从著名的高僧Luang Phor Led Wat Khao Orr 学到了法术,并制作了有效的佛牌圣物护身符.  Luang Phor Kloy还是制作拥有强大力量的Hoon Phayon的法术专家. Luang Phor Led Luang Phor Pan (Wat Khao Orr的一代宗师)已完全教会他如何制作Hoon Phayon. Wat Khao Orr 120多年来一直以制造佛牌圣物护身符而闻名全泰国.  大多数信徒认为,Wat Khao Orr的佛牌圣物护身符都是具有很强的保护能力.

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