Luang Phor Key

Luang Phor Key

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Key Gitiyano is the former abbot of Wat SeeLum Yong, Surin Province. Luang Phor Key was born on 24th May BE 2471. He was ordained as a monk at the age of 21 at Wat Petburi, Surin Province.In fact, he was the junior of Luang Phor Rith and Luang Phor Hong. Luang Phor Key was also a monk that many of his devotees respected and admired as he always had mercy on everyone. Luang Phor Key is known to be an expert in concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. In fact, Luang Phor Key would go to Tudong to learn from other guru monks in the mountains of Thailand. One such example would be Luang Phor Key going Tudong to Panomdongruk mountain to learn Wicha from Luang Phor Chern. And at times he would also go to Cambodia to learn Wicha. Luang Phor Key also understands Khmer magic. To some that wonder why Luang Phor Key has consecrated numerous amulets. The reason behind it is that he would use the money that he collected through the renting out of his amulets to develop and restore Wat SeeLum Yong. With holiness and miracles reported, his amulets are popular among his devotees. Hence, Luang Phor Key is considered as one of the guru monks of Thailand. In BE 2558, Luang Phor Key has passed on.





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