Ajarn Subin

Ajarn Subin

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Subin formerly known as Kruba Subin Sumaythaso grew up studying meditation and magic from many guru monks. At the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Baan Pol in Chiang Mai Province focusing on the concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. Aside from that, Ajarn Subin was also a disciple of Kruba Im-Gaew Wat PahNgae and Luang Phor Noy. Both Kruba Im-Gaew and Luang Phor Noy are very knowledgeable on Dharma and Visha.

It is believed that Ajarn Subin has been learning the arcane methods of consecrating amulets. In addition, Ajarn Subin also had been studying to consecrate spiritual Yahn on the human body from Wat Kow-Aw at Phattalung Province for 3 years.

Ajarn Subin is believed to be an expert on Wicha Metta Maha Saneh of the Lanna Lineage. He is known to have also mastered Wicha Serm Sirimonkgol Gao Jut (nine pointed blessing), which he learned from Kruba Duang Tittawaro Wat Witraymul. On top of that, Ajarn Subin also possesses the knowledge of Wicha Sado Kro from Kruba Im-Gaew Wat Walugaram as Ajarn Subin himself has a natural curiosity and willingness to learn. So when he was still a monk, he would go to Tudong and travel around to learn various Wicha from various guru monks in different regions of Thailand.

Other than the Wicha that was mentioned above, he also mastered Wicha Sariga, the Yant Gao Yord , calling the Sariga Koo Cheewit (lifelong lucky charm). There are still many Wicha that Ajarn Subin has mastered but is not written down here.



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