Ajarn Fon

Ajarn Fon

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Fon was born in the year of BE 2426 in Ayutthaya. Many might wonder why Ajarn Fon seems to have lost his nose. It is due to an illness that caused him to lose his nose at a young age. When he reached the age of 10, both his parents sent him to the temple to study as past in those days is common that parents would send their children to temple for study. However,  Ajarn Fon was not doing well in his studies and was different from the other students as he was unable to read or write anything except his name despite spending a long time studying. In fact, Ajarn Fon was disliked by others and would often be bullied and laughed at due to his nose. At that time, the abbot of the temple Luang Phor Plod realized it and took pity on him. Hence, he decided to teach and impart a secret metta (loving kindness) Katha & Wicha (magic) to Ajarn Fon so that he would not be bullied once he mastered the Wicha. Although Ajarn Fon was not good in studies, he was able to memorize Kathas within a short period of time. After he mastered the Wicha, he began reciting the Katha whenever he met the bullies. Shockingly, it turned out that the bullies slowly accepted him as a classmate and became friends with him. 

From then on, Ajarn Fon made up his mind and decided to learn more wicha from Luang Phor Plod. Unfortunately, Luang Phor Plod passed away shortly once he returned to the temple. Ajarn Fon was both sad and disappointed when he came to know the news that Luang Phor Plod had passed away. Unknowingly, while he was wandering around in the temple, he accidentally went into the abbot's room  and found several books that contained teachings of various Wicha. However, he could not read and  had to look for his friend in order to let them read out the wicha and kathas out to him verbally. Due to his talent, he managed to remember every katha that was read out within a short period of time and was able master all of them at an amazing fast pace.

When Ajarn Fon reached his early 20's, he was ordained as a novice monk at a temple. During his time as a novice monk, he often went into the forest to practice on samadhi (meditation) & wichas. One day while he was exploring the forest, he coincidentally stumbled on a temple named Wat Kai Fa and the abbot of the temple who is Luang Phor Dee allowed Ajarn Fon to stay in the temple to practice buddhism. Ajarn Fon was diligent and hard working during his stay in the temple, helping daily to clean the temple. One night, Ajarn Fon decided to visit the abbot. As he entered the room, he did not see Luang Phor Dee but just as he was about to leave, he saw from the corner of his eyes that Luang Phor Dee suddenly appeared from nowhere. From that moment, Ajarn Fon knew that Luang Phor Dee was a very powerful monk and wanted to be his student. One night while Ajarn Fon was practicing his wicha, he heard a crying voice coming from the forest direction. Due to his brave and curious character, Ajarn Fon went deep into the forest, following the voice to check out what was happening. As he went deeper, he saw a lady wearing old traditional custom clothes standing near a tree. He knew that the lady was not a human as he felt something extraordinary from her. He then approached and asked the lady why she was crying so loud. The lady told Ajarn Fon that she is actually the protector of a very old tree, which is the one she was standing beside. She told Ajarn Fon that she would need his help when the time comes but at that moment, Ajarn Fon did not understand what she was talking about. She vanished shortly that made Ajarn Fon dazed.

On the following day, Ajarn Fon woke up due to some loud commotions in the forest. He then hurried to see what was happening in the forest. When he entered the forest, Ajarn Fon saw a lot of people crowding around the tree that he saw the night before. He knew something was wrong so he spoke to the crowd to find an answer. After some questioning, he realized that those people were there to chop down the old tree. Memory struck him as he could clearly remember what the lady told him the night before about helping her. By then, he understood and knew what he had to do. Ajarn Fon began walking around, trying to convince those people not to cut the tree as there is a goddess residing inside. Those people thought that he was insane and refused to listen to him. Suddenly, Ajarn Fon remembered his metta wicha taught by Luang Phor Plod. He then began reciting the Katha with samadhi concentration. He then again tried to convince those people not to chop the tree but this time the reaction from the crowd was different. People began to listen to him so they gave up the idea of cutting down the tree.

Shortly after a few days, the same lady appeared while he was meditating. She came to thank Ajarn Fon for helping her and before she left, she gave Ajarn Fon a description of a location and asked Ajarn Fon to find his reward there. Ajarn Fon proceeded with the instructions given.  He managed to find the location and start to look around by digging holes in the ground. Unexpectedly, he found an old ancient Wicha book. He was amazed by his hunt. He brought back the book to Wat Kai Fa. And requested for his friend to read out the kathas in the wicca book. After flipping through the book, his friend told him that the kathas and wicha in the book were very special. There were kathas that taught a way to stop bleeding, healing of snake bite & venom, turning leaves into bees and many special wicha that were not seen or heard before. Ajarn Fon again mastered all of the wicha shortly. He also started to perform the wichas wherever he went. He would perform the wicha by cutting himself with sharp knives and healing those wounds instantly, receiving bites from venomous cobra snakes and healing the bites while removing those venom.

Due to his actions, Ajarn Fon was questioned and reprimanded by the monks at Wat Sakiat as monks were not allowed to showcase their abilities and power in any case. He then decided to turn into a white robe master due to his powers & abilities and continued his journey by travelling around, helping people that needed healing, metta and those that were facing difficulties. Throughout his journey, he started acquiring disciples & luksits. His name soon became well-known throughout Thailand due to his kind meritorious acts. 

Many people in Thailand believe that Ajarn Fon has a great metta. His teachings were so widely spread that even Northern Thailand has trails of Ajarn Fon.

Ajarn Fon is a unique ajarn who is very different. Whoever wished to be his disciple has to receive a bite from a venomous cobra and allow Arjan Fon to heal them instantly. This is to test their faith and confidence towards him.Only a few had managed to pass the test. The most famous quote from Ajarn Fon himself that was passed down for generations is that "If you believe in me wholeheartedly, i will help you with my powers."

From the past till present, there has been no doubt that many devotees that believed in and trusted Ajarn Fon had received miraculous help from him, even many years after his death. To this day, many thai people still believe that Ajarn Fon is still around and helping people in need if they believe in him.

The Famous Piti Indochine (Blessing ceremony of Indo-china war)

One of the biggest blessing ceremonies in thai buddhist history would be the famous Piti Indochine ceremony held in BE 2484, led by Phra Sankarat Pae, which was initiated by the Royal family to bless thai soldiers that are going to the front line. Many famous guru monks in that era were invited from all over Thailand to the ceremony to conduct blessing and consecrate amulets for soldiers. Some famous amulets made during that ceremony were the famous "Kradoo Pee”. During that ceremony, only one particular Ajarn white robe master was invited. The master was Ajarn Fon. It is said that his Wicha was so famous that many great guru monks recommended that Ajarn Fon be invited to the ceremony to help bless the soldiers. He was considered one of the greatest Ajarn during that era and during the ceremony, Ajarn Fon performed a signature Wicca, one that made him famous and passed down to the current generation. The Wicha is widely known as "Tor Pedan". As Ajarn did not know how to make amulets or write any kathas, he performed Tor Pedan by stabbing a long ancient thai sword into the roof of his mouth and let his blood flow. He then spit his blood on a large piece of white cloth to infuse his powers and wichas into the cloth with his blood. After spitting, the cloth was cut into many small pieces and given to soldiers as protection. According to saying, those soldiers that received his cloth were all unharmed and came back alive after the war. This shocked the Thai Buddhist world and his Tor Pedan wicha since then became very famous. Which could not be performed by any other master except Ajarn Fon himself. 

Ajarn Fon BE 2426年出生於Ayutthaya,是一位被泰國人稱作一流白衣大師,但是沒有鼻子的. Ajarn Fon 小時候常常生病,有傳得過很嚴重的鼻炎後鼻子就沒有了. 10歲時他父母送他去讀書,當時讀書是要去廟讀的. 阿贊豐大師跟其他人不同, 他雖然讀了很久的書,可最後只會寫自己的名字罷了.

當時那廟的主持是Luang Phor Plod是當時很出名的一位師父, Luang Phor Plod 看見Ajarn Fon 沒有鼻子很醜常常被認作弄就很同情他. 過後 Luang Phor Plod 就跟Ajarn Fon講這樣下去不是辦法,就講要教他Metta(人緣)的經文叫他學學看。因為 Ajarn Fon 不認識字 Luang Phor Plod 就念給他聽,很奇怪的是Ajarn Fon只聽了兩三篇就把那經文記得清清楚楚了. 學會後 Ajarn Fon 就去找那些討厭他的試試看,他念了那經文後就去跟那些人打招呼很奇怪的那些了看見Ajarn Fon, Ajarn Fon還來不及開口那些人就叫她跟他很好了. Ajarn Fon 心想原來這世上還有這樣的功夫。

過後他就回去廟想再跟Luang Phor Plod 學經文,可是 Luang Phor Plod已不在人世了. Ajarn Fon 很失望就進去 Luang Phor Plod 的房間找,他在 Luang Phor Plod 的房間找到幾本經書.因為它不會認識字他就去找他朋友叫他朋友幫忙念給他聽,他就把那些經文全部記住. 

過後在他二十多歲時他就出家當和尚,過後他就到森林裡去修行。他在森林裡發現了一建廟那間廟是Wat KaiFa裡面只有一位師父就是 Luang Phor Dee。他就跟 Luang Phor Dee求要住在廟裡, Luang Phor Dee很可憐他就給他住. Ajarn Fon 就很勤勞幫忙打掃廟,過後有一晚Ajarn  Fon去 Luang Phor Dee的房間找 Luang Phor Dee. 可是 Luang Phor Dee不在過後 Ajarn Fon 看見龍婆Dee在竹林的其中一個竹筒裡走出來好像什麼事都沒有發生一樣坐下來跟Ajarn Fon 聊天. 

Ajarn Fon 心裡知道 Luang Phor Dee是一位很不簡單的師父,很想拜 Luang Phor Dee為師可是還沒有機會.他就決定在廟裡住多一陣子,有一晚他聽見森林裡有女生的哭聲他就去看看.

Ajarn Fon 看見有一位穿古代衣服的女生,那女生就跟 Ajarn Fon講她是一棵樹. 是TonDartKian千年老樹裡的樹神,所以泰國人很崇拜TonDartKian。那女神就求 Ajarn Fon 幫她,Ajarn Fon 問她要幫什麼?那女神講遲些你就會知道。那女神還講你幫我後我會報答你的,過後Ajarn Fon 就不明不白的回到廟裡去了。第二天早上Ajarn Fon 聽到有很多人的腳步聲就出去看看,原來那些人要砍掉一棵老樹,阿贊方就明白為什麼女神要向他求救.

Ajarn Fon 就勸那些人不要砍,那些人不聽他的話反而要打他,Ajarn Fon就到一邊念起Metta的經文,念完經後再去勸那些人很奇怪的那些人全部答應阿贊方不在砍那棵樹. 過了幾天後那女神就去找Ajarn Fon,其實Ajarn Fon 已把砍樹的事忘了. 那女神就講要拿一本經書來報答Ajarn Fon,那女神就跟Ajarn Fon 講叫Ajarn Fon到某某地方找那本經書. 過後Ajarn Fon真的找到那本經書,拿到經書後Ajarn Fon不會看又再去找他朋友幫忙念給他聽。他朋友跟他講這本經書裡的經文全部都是怪怪的,有被刀割傷止血的經文,把樹葉變成蜜蜂的經文,被毒蛇咬到的經文等等.

Ajarn Fon把全部經文都記起來,過後他就拿那經文來試試看,他就拿刀在他手掌心割一刀,他的手就馬上留出很多血。他就開始念起止血的經文過後不到一分鐘他的手真的止血連傷口也沒有掉。Ajarn Fon 他知道自己的功夫跟其他師父不一樣。

過後他就到 Wat Sakiat住,Somdej Kiao的廟。他在那廟還是一樣的做表演,那邊的師父就跟他講出家人不可以這樣。他知道自己還是愛出風頭就還俗變白以師父。那時他才二三十歲,過後他就到處走. 

Ajarn Fon 比其他師父古怪,凡是誰要拜他為師都要先拿自己的手給毒蛇咬然後讓阿贊方醫。在 BE 2480年的時候 Ajarn Fon 就跟他的徒弟和信徒講三年後會有戰爭,大家都不明白Ajarn Fon 在講什麼。

在 BE 2483年戰爭真的發生了也就是大家都懂的IndoChina War, 當時泰國政府請了很多厲害的黃衣師父來做佛牌,符通,布符等等。其中比較出名的師父有 Luang Phor Opasi, Luang Phor Chong 等等。而請來的白衣師父就只有Ajarn Fon 一人而已。由於Ajarn Fon不認識字不會寫經文,他就拿日本長刀插進自己的嘴巴讓血滴在白布上一遍滴一邊念經,滴完後多余的血就用杯裝起來再噴到白布上。Ajarn Fon 的布符一個經文都沒有,然後Ajarn Fon將噴有血的布弄成很多塊小布分給兵用,有拿到他的血布符的兵多少個出去打戰多能全部平安回來. 

Ajarn Fon 是在7月15日 BE 2489去世的,享年63歲。大師一生不曾制作過任何佛牌聖物,所以如果遇到說阿贊方做的聖物各位就要小心了,Ajarn Fon制作過符布而已. 所謂的 Ajarn Fon自身是在 BE 2490開始,由其弟子制作的,據說加入了Ajarn Fon 的骨灰頭發等等.

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