Luang Phor Heng

Luang Phor Heng

by Jun Wei

Both of Luang Phor Heng’s parents were born in Cambodia and later on moved to Prasart Village, Ta Ong Region, Muang District, Surin Province in Thailand when France occupied Cambodia. Both of the parents were humble farmers that had thirteen children. And Luang Phor Heng was the 7th child in the family as he was born on 11th August BE 2470.

When Luang Phor Heng was at the age of 13, his mother’s nephew Phra Ajarn Chert Thammagaro told him that he would go on a Tudong. His mother allowed him on the basis that he teaches Luang Phor Heng reading and writing. While traveling through the borders of Thailand and Cambodia they came across a large stone. Phra Ajarn Chert walked around the stone three times. Then he drew a circular shape for them to sit and sleep inside of the circle, and no one was allowed to go outside of the circle. Whenever they found a new place to stay, this was the ritual every single time.

There was one of the most important incantations that Phra Ajarn Chert told him to remember in times of urgency and use for invisibility spell for protection called Metta Maha Niyom.

During the Tudong, Luang Phor Heng was surprised by many things but he dared not ask. Then Phra Ajarn Chert told Luang Phor Heng to close his eyes while meditating together. Luang Phor Heng opened his eyes to take a peek and saw tigers and elephants next to the stone instead of Phra Ajarn Chert. He was so afraid that he closed his eyes again. Then, he opened his eyes again to see him sitting at the same spot.

Interestingly enough, when they were sitting near the stones, when it rained, no one got wet. There were no people or villages nearby and Luang Phor Heng was worried that they did not have enough food. But in a day of miracles, Phra Ajarn Chert would cast a spell on the food as he was only allowed seven bites, and they would continue walking without any hunger throughout the day. Mosquitoes would not bother even at night, as every night Phra Ajarn Chert would use leaves to clean the floor and drew a circle around the stone that he prepared for them to sleep in. During the 14 months pilgrimage, he learned many spells from him and learned how to read and write. Phra Ajarn Chert Thammagaro passed away at the age of 97 when he was in Cambodia.

When Luang Phor Heng went back home, he was at the age of 15 and both of his parents allowed him to learn Thai and Pali Language and finished the secondary level of Dhamma Studies called Nakthamma Toh.

At the age of 21, Luang Phor Heng was  enlisted as a soldier in Lopburi at Lopburi Cavalry Regiment. His job was to take care and ride the horses for three years and then he was discharged from the military. After his military service, he traveled around to many cities and became involved with violence and crime. He fought with the policeman many times, but for some reason he was never injured. He used to fight for long hours with policemen in which one fight lasted for 8 hours. He returned home to his mother that he missed, in which she was surprised that he was still alive since he was gone for such a long time. She said that he should not stay there and flee because policemen come everyday asking for him.

Then in BE 2492, he went to Cambodia and stayed for 3 years. He was in Chantaburi and stayed with Luang Phor Kong Wat Wang Sapparot Boh region, Krung District in Chantaburi Province. Luang Phor Heng was appointed as the inscriber for holy items. As the inscriber, he would pray sacred chanting spells on the Palakit that he had consecrated. The most impactful change of Luang Phor Heng happened in the year BE 2495. During that period of time, he was at the age of 25 whereby he met Luang Phor Kong and started to learn Wicha from him. Luang Phor Kong Wat Wang Sapparot was a well-known guru monk. As Luang Phor Kong would teach Luang Phor Heng about Visha. Within a short period of time, Luang Phor Heng soon understood and could perform the Wicha on the behalf of Luang Phor Heng. Luang Phor Heng could also write Khmer Yant (Cabalistic Characters) as well.

In BE 2532, Luang Phor Kong passed away. And Luang Phor Heng was soon appointed as the abbot of Wat Wang Sapparot in which he stayed at the temple for six years. Nowadays, Luang Phor Heng is residing at Wat Pattana Thammaram. At times, Luang Phor Heng would still consecrate amulets for fundraising and temple renovations.

People also believed that Luang Phor Heng is a guru monk as he once mentioned that there were 4 bombs under the ground and the bombs did not explode. However, Luang Phor Heng wanted that area to be the chapel of the temple so he requested help to build it. At first, people did not believe about the bomb thing that was mentioned by Luang Phor Heng but until they dig deeper that they found the bombs just like what Luang Phor Heng had mentioned about.







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