Luang Phor Hiang

Luang Phor Hiang

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Hiang was born on 29th December BE 2441. In BE 2451, when Luang Phor Hiang was at the age of 10, his father took him to study with Luang Phor Seng Wat Nongmaidang. Hence, when he turned 23 years old he was ordained as a monk at Wat Khow Bahng Saai by Tahn Jow Pra KhemTaSeeSonTiSaMahnKoon on 15th July BE 2464. After his ordination, Luang Phor Hiang went to study magic with Luang Phor Dang Wat Yai Intharam who happens to be a well-respected guru monk from Cambodia. 2 years later, In BE 2466 Luang Phor Hiang was appointed as the abbot of Wat Pa. Under the guidance of Luang Phor Hiang, Wat Pa became a well-known buddhist temple in Thailand. Luang Phor Hiang was also well-known for his Phra Pidta amulets.

As Luang Phor Hiang learnt all the Wicha and even received the method of consecrating Phra Pidta amulets from Luang Phor Keow Wat Krua Wan. Beside that, Luang Phor Hiang received all the remaining powder that was made by Luang Phor Keow after Luang Phor Keow passed on. One of the reasons would be this that leads to the popularity of Luang Phor Hiang’s Phra Pidta amulets are the same as his teacher Luang Phor Keow. Luang Phor Hiang also learnt Wicha from other guru monks. In such his Phra Pidta amulets do not only contain the Wicha from Luang Phor Keow but also from other guru monks as well. However, some people would call Luang Phor Hiang as “Luang Phor Keow Ong Sorng” (Second Luang Phor Keow Wat Krua Wan).

Luang Phor Hiang started to consecrate his first batch of Phra Pidta amulet in BE 2495. The shape of the Phra Pidta amulets is in hexagon shape. While the back is grazed and only a total of 1000 pieces were consecrated. The materials being used were powders left behind by Luang Phor Keow.  Phra Pidta amulet by Luang Phor Hiang are known for its Metta Maha Niyom, Kleow Klaht and Mahalarp.

Luang Phor Hiang stayed at Wat Pa for a total of 46 years until he passed away in BE 2512 at the age of 71. During his monkhood, he had been appointed to hold several posts in the committee of monks.

Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa,是Luang Phor Keow Wat Krua Wan的徒弟. 两位师傅的比达都很出名.

Luang Phor Hiang 于佛历 BE 24411229日,星期四出生. 佛历 BE 2464年,师傅23岁的时候,师傅在Wat Khow Bahng Saai出家成僧侣. 佛历 BE 2466年,Luang Phor Hiang 成为Wat Pa的主持. 从此以后, Luang Phor Hiang 常驻在Wat Pa长达46年,直到佛历 BE 2512年圆寂. 在师傅有生之年,师傅曾被僧侣团委任不同的职务.

Luang Phor Hiang Luang Phor Keow 处尽学到制造比达佛的咒语,并获得师傅的秘法. 除此之外,Luang Phor Keow 圆寂之前,给了Luang Phor Hiang 很多特别的圣粉. 因此, Luang Phor Hiang 的比达佛,和他的师傅Luang Phor Keow一样受欢迎. 而且,Luang Phor Hiang 也向其他高僧学习其他的法术咒语.

Luang Phor Hiang 于佛历 BE 2495年制造了他的第一期比达佛. 那比达佛是六角形的。数量只有1000多尊. 而此比达佛就是参了Luang Phor Keow 留下的旧粉. Luang Phor Hiang 的比达佛,对人缘,避险以及财运很有帮助.





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