Luang Phor Muen

Luang Phor Muen

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Muen is a famous guru monk that the villagers in Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan Province respected a lot. Luang Phor Muen would often give advice and help out the villagers. In exchange, the villagers felt happy for his compassion and beautiful practices. Hence, Luang Phor Muen was even given the nickname of “The God of Pura Burana”. Luang Phor Muen was born on 18th February BE 2422. As a young child, he was a diligent and intelligent boy that was well-liked by both his parents, relatives and neighbor.

On 25th April BE 2433, at the age of 11 Luang Phor Muen was ordained at Wat Lat Krabang Phatthalung Lat Krabang Subdistrict Saen Saeb District. His preceptors were Luang Phor Chit Wat Bang Sua and Phra Ajarn Thong Wat Lat Krabang. Luang Phor Muen was given the name “Tisaro” after his ordination. Luang Phor Muen then stayed at Wat La Krabang for 1 rainy season before he moved to Wat Bang Khuak in BE 2444.

Luang Phor Muen studied Wicha from Phra Ajarn Kong Wat Dan Bang Pongphang and Phra Ajarn Thong Wat Lat Krabang. Luang Phor Muen also learned magic from Luang Phor Chong and Luang Phor Tak Wat King Kaew. The villagers of Bang-Sub District and the nearby districts would often look for Luang Phor Muen. Luang Phor Muen is a well-known guru monk that is good at incantations and traditional medicine. However, if the villagers get sick, they would come looking for Luang Phor Muen. Luang Phor Muen would let them drink some herbal medicine otherwise known as the “green medicine”. The herbs used in the medicine would first be required to be dry and then Luang Phor Muen would grind them into powder or Luang Phor Muen would bring the herbs to boil the water for those that are sick to drink. After drinking, it is known that all the sickness would be gone.

Soon Luang Phor Muen has been appointed as the abbot of Wat Bang Khuak.

The holy items of Luang Phor Muen still remain popular among amulet collectors. As most of the material that Luang Phor Muen used to consecrate his amulets are Nur Din. Luang Phor Muen believed that Nur Din is a form of Buddha’s grace. The first Rian of Luang Phor Muen was consecrated in BE 2476, the reason behind consecrating this batch of Rian is to remember his preceptors. The total number of Rian consecrated for this batch is about 1,500 pieces as 200 pieces are Silver-Copper, 300 pieces are Gold-Sliver, 500 pieces are black copper while the remainder of the material is unknown.

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