Luang Phor Chamlong

Luang Phor Chamlong

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Chamlong is the lineage of Luang Phor Uea Wat Panom Yong, Luang Phor Nor Wat Klang Ta Ruea and Luang Phor Phan Wat Paed Ah. 

Before Luang Phor Chamlong ordained as a monk, he was in fact a traveling theater performer and knew the songs of Choo Chok(many songs of Life Thai Theater are from Vedic psalms to the Deities, and have magical power). He would often use this magic to get the audiences into the dismay of his competitors. After some years, he became bored with theater and decided to study real magic. He first went to Wat Panom Yong to learn from Luang Phor Uea and later on went to Wat Paed Ah to study and learn the Wicha of Pook Pha Khord and Wicha Pha Bin Kra Bon Yan from Luang Phor Phan. 

Luang Phor Chamlong is well-known for his takrut for “Kongkrapan” and “Metta Maha Niyom”. Luang Phor Chamlong would often demonstrate the power of his “Kongkrapan Chatri” takrut by using a knife to scratch at the body of the devotees after passing his takrut to the devotee.  

Back in the early 90’s, plenty of devotees would visit Wat Chedi Daeng daily to receive both the blessing and takrut from Luang Phor Chamlong himself. Luang Phor Chamlong would normally pass out the takrut to the devotees personally. However, many devotees would request Luang Phor Chamlong to test the "Kongkrapan Chatri" on their body. The devotee is required to hold the takrut on his palm after receiving it and place complete trust to the protective power of the takrut. The testing procedure will begin with Luang Phor Chamlong reciting mantra and sprinkling "Nam Mon"(Holy Water) onto the back of the devotee. Once done, Luang Phor Chamlong would hold a very sharp knife to tear the flesh of the devotee with all his energy.

Tearing of the flesh with a knife by Luang Phor Chamlong may be brutal to witness at the scene. The devotee who had tested the sacred power of Luang Phor Chamlong's takrut will not feel any pain or whatsoever. The skin surface abrasion will normally heal in 1 or 2 days without any visible marks.

Luang Phor Chamlong never lacked the prowess when performing holy water blessings to all devotees whether young or old. The holy water splashing is very strong and one will feel as though being pushed by a mysterious force when the water touches a person's skin which everyone that experiences it said the same thing.

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