Luang Phor Moon

Luang Phor Moon

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Moon Thitasilo was born on May BE 2437 at Ban Jan, Kantararom, Sri Saket. He was born in the "Sri Songkram '' or "Kaew Pak Pin '' family. His father's name is Dee while his mother's name is Ua. Both of his parents were farmers and are not so well financially but Luang Phor Moon was very clever despite his young age. His father knew that he was good at Buddhism. His father let him ordained as a novice at the age of 14.

Luang Phor Moon started studying Buddhism with Luang Phor Sida (the abbot of Wat Ban Jan). Luang Phor Sida is a monk that is a very good monk at meditation and has very powerful magic. In BE 2460, Luang Phor Moon was 23 years old and ordained as a monk by Luang Phor Sida. The Pali nickname given by Luang Phor Sida is "Thitasilo" which means "The Lawful Person". 

In BE 2464, Luang Phor Moon went to other provinces, the journey there was hard and dangerous as he walked on foot. And was faced with the forest's ghost and dangerous animals. Hence, he did not give up until he reached Taksila Academy of Ban Jik Yai, Piboonmangsahan, Ubon Ratchathani Province for studied Maha Buddhakom Tome, which was the base of Patamang Tome, Itthijay Tome, Maharat Tome and Trinisinghe Tome. The mental power of Tome especially the book of Pichai Songkram such as Nitiprakasith Tome, Thanurawet Tome is about consecrating magical armors in the time of war. In the year BE2475-2476, Luang Phor Moon finished his studies from the various academies. He then again started to travel into the forest and passed the backcountry's area with bare feet to Bangkok. He visited and stayed at Wat Thep Thidaram for studies until he finished both Parian 5 and Mulgadjaiyana Sut Tome. He also stayed at Wat Sutat and learned magic from Somdej Phra Sangkharaj Pae.

Luang Phor Moon also stayed at Wat Arun Ratchawararam to study with Luang Phor Pimoltham. Luang Phor Moon also taught Mulgadjayana Sut Tome (Pure Pali) for several years before following Luang Phor Thong Dee to the north side of Myanmar for an year. After the journey to the north side of Myanmar, he walked on foot to Wat Chang Hai to stay with Ajarn Tim to practice meditation and learn magic for about a year before Luang Phor Moon went to Malaysia. When he came back to Thailand again, he went to Wat Suan Kan which is located at Nakhon Srithammarat Province to study with Phor Than Klai and gotten  Chan Mark Med Yai as a relic from Phor Than Klai and Luang Phor Moon went back to the northeast of Thailand. Luang Phor Moon then met Ajarn Si Chantasiri in the forest near Nong Kai Province and studied Lob Phong Si from Ajarn Si Chantasiri. Ajarn Si Chantasiri was from the lineage of Somdej Buddhajan Toh of Wat Rakang Kositaram. Luang Phor Moon also met Luang Phor Man Wat Nangnok near Ubon Ratchathani Province and studied meditation, but he did not join the group because he was in the Mahayan Side. Luang Phor Moon even mentioned that he was Luang Phor Man’s disciple for a short period of time when he wanted to get Samanatham which is a deep and meditation level that only skilful monks could reach that level. Luang Phor Moon stayed with Luang Phor Man for months and traveled alone until he achieved the highest level of mediation. Luang Phor Moon knew monks such as Luang Phor Waen Wat Doi Mae Pang whom Luang Phor Man said that Luang Phor Waen is a very good monk and advised him to ask Luang Phor Waen questions about Pariyat Banyat Patibat and other thing over the Phra Tri Sikka Law. Luang Phor Man gave 2 relics to Luang Phor Moon. There are Pan Jan Akara Bai Lan folded into a round candy written with Khmer language "Ye Thamme Hetupaphawa" on it, and King Rama VIII bank note with Luang Phor Man's signature on it which was given later to his mother. 

Luang Phor Moon studied his journey of learning skills from Luang Phor Singh of Salavan Forest Temple, Luang Phor Jard  Wat Bang Krabao and studied Meed Mhor Mahaprab magic from Luang Phor Kam Wat  Kao Kaew and Luang Phor Ngern Wat Maprang Luang, Luang Phor Derm Wat Nong Po at Nakhon Sawan Province. Moreover, he traveled to the east to Chanthaburi Province and studied magical skills from Luang Phor Sorn Wat Serng Sang. 

Luang Phor Moon is counted as the one of descendants of Sai Wet Witthaya Buddhakom from Somdej Loon of Nakhon Jampasak, Laos. Somdej Loon is well-known for his mythical powers such as walking on the water, transformation and walking though the mountain. Many monks have tried to find Somdej Loon in order to study the meditation and magical skill from him. Luang Phor Moon walked to Laos to find Somdej Loon, he spent many years but never found. Many years later, he met up with a pleasant named Teacher Chan who is the great grandson of Somdej Loon at Nakhon Phanom Province. He studied every skill from Teacher Chan, he was advised to study Sai Wet Witthaya Buddhakom from Luang Phor Dam who is the great grandson of Somdej Loon. In order to learn from Luang Phor Dam, Luang Phor Moon has been tested. There were more than 50 monks who took the test. But Luang Phor Dam only selected 3 people. The 3 people were Luang Phor Moon, Luang Phor Song (Muang Temple, Lopburi) and the last one who was forgotten.

The rules of Luang Phor Dam were these 3 things that Luang Phor Moon never forget 1) Buddhist Monk's Robe 2) Monk's Alms Bowl 3) Gold weight 10 Bath (given back after finish the study) Another rule is that the one who study the skill must not leave the Buddhist Monkhood or he will die. This is the highest hidden Witthayakom of Somdej Loon of Nakhon Jampasak. The study took a very long time and a very hard situation to be studied. There was only 4 hours to sleep, one meal a day, with a final test in the end. However, many believe that Luang Phor Moon had finished the 4 elemental skill of Somdej Loon which is too deep for normal people to learn. The ones who could learn must have collected very high merit from the last world because to control 4 elements one had to finish Jatupat Chan first and very specialist in 4 Kasin Jatutat, the 4 elemental as well. After that, Luang Phor Moon went back to Wat Ban Jan and became the abbot with an Pratuan Level provost "Phra Kru Moon Thitasilo". Luang Phor Moon was in a religious position for 20 years before retiring from every position to spend the rest of his time practicing Dharma and meditation. In BE 2487, Luang Phor Moon was at the age of 50 and went to the forest alone when he accidentally met with "Ajarn Joi" and "Ajarn Khwan" of Nong Lom Forest Temple on the way. The 2 Ajarn invited Luang Phor Moon to Nong Lom Forest Temple for a while. In BE 2520, Luang Phor Moon went back to Wat Ban Jan to repair and construct the temple. The construction went well and finished in the short time, then Luang Phor Moon went forward to repair and construct other temples. These temples later were the auspicious temples for people who respected Luang Phor Moon. It is not strange that every amulet of Luang Phor Moon is well-known because of the high merit power of his. Luang Phor Moon passed away at BE 2546. He passed away quietly aged 109 years and spent 86 years in Buddhist monkhood. 

Luang Phor Moon 是一位偉大的高僧,於佛歷 BE 2437 的4月15日出生於Sisaket府的一個農民家庭,經歷了拉瑪皇朝第5-9世國王. 14歲的時候就在Wat Ban Jan的 Luang Phor Sida座下成為小沙彌,開始接觸佛學知識,在佛歷2460,23歲時正式成為僧人.

在數十年的僧侶生涯中,Luang Phor Moon熱衷於以苦行的方式拜訪各大寺廟有法力的大師,四處游歷周邊地區以及周邊國家,使得大師的佛法與法術都得到的很高的提升. 並且還習得了許多開光聖物的法門. 其中有50年的時間是在尋找那些寺廟內的、還有深山修行的高人. 期間從阿贊多崇迪法門派系的 Luang Phor Sida處習得制作特殊聖粉的法門,這是制作崇迪極好的佛牌材料;從藥師Phra Kring全泰第一的Wat Suthat僧王桑卡拉培處習得到了制作金屬佛牌的特殊法門;從Luang Phor Kam處習得了制作滅魔刀的法門.


Ajarn  Mun Boritato,

Luang Pu Waen Wat Doi Mae Phang,

Somdej Phra Sangkharaj Pae Wat Suthat,

Wat Arun Luang Phor Nak,

Wat Changhai Ajarn Tim,

Wat Suan Kuan Phor Than Klai,

Wat Pa Sarawan Phra Ajarn Singh,

Wat Bangabao Luang Phor Jak,

Wat Kao Kaew Luang Phor Kam,

Wat Mak Plangluang Luang Phor Ngern,

Wat Kositaram Luang Phor Guay,

可惜大師於佛歷 BE 2546年的3月11日早上7:30圓寂,結束了長達86年的僧侶生涯,享年109歲. 

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