Luang Phor Sin

Luang Phor Sin

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Sin, the abbot of Wat LahanYai, Rayong Province is a well-known guru monk who happens to be one of the disciples of Luang Phor Tim Wat Lahanrai other than Luang Phor Sakorn. Luang Phor Sin would often visit Luang Phor Tim back in those days as Wat Lahanrai is near to Wat Lahanyai. Luang Phor Tim Wat Lahanrai is considered the top guru monk in Rayong District till today and he remains to be well-respected. 

Luang Phor Sin was born on 21th February BE  2471 at Nong Bua Village, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province. At the age of 20, he went to serve in the military for the duration of 2 years. Afterward, by the time he reached the age of 24 he was ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Lahanyai. After his ordination, he studied magic and mantras under Luang Phor Tim. Luang Phor Sin holds the precepts of monks well and has high mercy, so he is well-respected by people. Many people believe in amulets consecrated from Luang Phor Sin because  devotees experience that they change bad situations to good. 

In fact, Luang Phor Sin never teaches people to believe in superstitions. He says the holiness of any amulet depends on personal faith. He also emphasizes people to apply Dharma of Buddha rather than knowing only theories. Luang Phor Sin is usually invited to join blessing ceremonies by temples around Thailand. For his amulets, they are not often released, but only special occasions and not many pieces. 

Luang Phor Sin 是 Rayong, Wat LahanYai 的現任住持,在當地和他的師弟 Luang Phor Sakorn 同樣赫赫有名,同為Luang Phor Tim 師父親傳弟子,Luang Phor Tim 師父的高徒分別就是:Luang Phor Sin, Luang Phor Sakorn. 

Luang Phor Sin 出生於 BE 2470年2月21日. 正當 Luang Phor Sin 24時, 在  Wat Lahanyai 正式剃度為僧. Luang Phor Lard Wat Nong Krabok 為其戒師. 後來Luang Phor Sin 秉承了Luang Phor Tim 的法門及真傳,也必然擅長人緣及招財法門,利用Luang Phor Tim 留下的碰派古曼粉為信眾督造佛牌普渡眾生,目前師父的佛牌不止在泰國、新加坡等地受到大批信徒的追捧. 他的法會儀式幾乎總是会邀請 Luang Phor Sakorn.

但其實師父還有一樣至寶就是招財山羊. Luang Phor Sin 制作人緣羊的法門是向 Luang Phor Lard Wat Nong KraBok 學習的.而 Luang Phor Lard 的師父正是制作泰國第一人緣羊大師的Luang Phor Am Wat Nong KraBok. 所以 Luang Phor Sin 制作人緣羊的法門是一脈相承 Luang Phor Am.

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