Ajarn Klang Seng

Ajarn Klang Seng

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Klang Seng was born on 18th September BE 2518. Ajarn Klang Seng is a monk from Sisaket Province that studied Buddhism and Wicha at the age of 21 under the guidance of Phra Kru Vikong Wat Phi Mai.

After his ordination, Ajarn Klang Seng decided to start his journey of practicing and gaining knowledge of Buddhism by traveling to Surin, then to Cambodia. He met various guru monks who traveled from all over Thailand. Ajarn Klang Seng will always exchange and seek guidance from all these guru monks who he has met during his stay in Cambodia. After a year of his journey in Cambodia, he then begins to travel to the Northern Part of Thailand which is Chiangmai. When his journey has ended in Chiangmai, Ajarn Klang Seng went Tudong in the forest of  the Western Part of Thailand (Kanchanaburi). He crossed the border into the realm of Marit(Burma), through the remote areas of Saesawoe and Bang Graenggawia; known during that time as being the thickest,darkest forest that is   full of dangerous animals and unknown fevers. During his Tudong , he managed to come across a lot of guru monks to gain and exchange knowledge of higher magic practice from them. After his Tudong, he decided to travel to Songkhla to seek for a higher attainment of Buddhism and magical practice.

Ajarn Klang Seng decided to follow Ajarn Jumien to seek for the higher attainment of Buddhism and magic practice in Wat Tham Suea. During his studying under the guidance of Ajarn Jumnien for a period of 4 to 5 years, Ajarn Klang Seng prohibited himself from utter a single word for 10 years starting from BE 2548.

There is one incident that involves Ajarn Klang Seng. The incident took place in Pattani. Pattani is a province which has regular bombing issues. There was a man who was part of the bomb squad members stationed in Pattani, his family members are afraid to visit him due to regular bombing that always happens in Pattani so they can only have their family gathering in Hat Yai. During one occasion of a family gathering, the mother of this bomb squad member happened to come across the Wat Khao Kut where Ajarn Klang Seng resided. When Ajarn Klang Seng got to know that the son of this mother is a soldier who risks his life for the sake of the country, he felt very touched. So he decided to give the mother a “Luang Phor Thuad” amulet that he consecrated and hope that the amulet can protect the wearer from harm. Not long after that, that was a bombing incident that had 2 men killed and 1 man injured. After an investigation, Out of the three men, the one who was injured happened to be the son who was wearing the Luang Phor Thuad amulet given by his mother who met Ajarn Klang Seng during her trip to the family gathering. After a close examination from the doctor, the man only received a slightly burnt injury on his face while the rest of the 2 men were killed instantly. After this incident, more and more devotees all over Hat Yai, Malaysia and Singapore started to collect Ajarn Klang Seng amulets.







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