Luang Phor Lee

Luang Phor Lee

by Jun Wei

Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacarya or more commonly known as Luang Phor Lee Dhammadharo was a meditation teacher in the Thai Forest Tradition of the Dhammayutikka Nikaya Order of Theravada Buddhism. Luang Phor Lee was born in Ubon Ratchathani Province of Isaan and was a disciple of the Phra Ajarn Mun Bhuridatta.

Luang Phor Lee is regarded as one of the most influential Thai Forest Tradition Meditation monks. Among the forest monks, he devised the most comprehensive meditation instructions and composed the most detailed map of the jhanas. Luang Phor Lee was also one of the monks to bring the teachings of the Forest Tradition to the mainstream of Thai society. Although he never spoke much of his own meditative attainments, it was widely believed among his students that he attained the mastery of supernatural powers and that he was a deeply attuned psychic. It was believed that Luang Phor Lee was an expert of meditation that he can even have divine relics dropping out from his body. Once Luang Phor Lee had stood up in the sermon hall with the villagers, and the villagers witnessed with their own eyes that there were relics dropping from his body.

Luang Phor Lee first attended school at the age of 12 and left school at the age of 17.  During that period of time, he was preoccupied with earning money and had a plan for his early life where he could accumulate a life savings and start his own family by the age of 30. However as the time passed by, Luang Phor Lee's priorities began to change at around the age of 20, when he accidentally killed a dog who ate an egg whilst he was cooking. As he recollected in his autobiography : "Immediately, I was sorry for what I had done. " How on earth can I make up for this sin? " I Thought :" With this remorsed thought in his mind, that event influenced him to ordain as a monk.

After ordaining as a Maha Nikai monk, he was reported being unsatisfied with the behaviour of monks surrounding him. As the monks that are surrounding him were “playing chess”, “Held cock fights” and even ate food in the evening period of the day.

Upon meeting Ajarn Mun Bhuridatto, Luang Phor Lee reordained under the Dhammayut Sect where he wandered in the forests as "Tudong" (a monk who observes the dhutanga [ascetic practice]. He wandered and traveled  as far as Burma, Cambodia and India.

After the rainy retreats in BE 2470, he went back to his hometown. As he stayed at a shrine in a nearby village, his father found out his whereabouts and came and later escorted him the rest of the way. When he arrived he stayed at the village cemetery where the villagers refused to dwell near for the fear of evil spirits.

Luang Phor Lee stayed there for several weeks giving sermons to people within the village and people from other villages. Luang Phor Lee got the villagers to take refuge in the Triple Gems (Buddham Saranam Gachami, Dhamman Saranam Gachami, Sangham Saranam Gachami). According to Luang Phor Lee, he wanted to put an end to the villagers' fears of ghosts and evil spirits. This made some of the villagers fearful and upset, and they opposed him being there. When the district officer stayed there one night in the village, he agreed and sided with Luang Phor Lee's agenda to rid the area of spirit worship and make Buddhist practice more orthodox and accepted.

Luang Phor Lee 生于佛历 BE 2449131日,家中不算富足,有9个兄弟姐妹,11岁时因为母亲过世,因此很小便【波罗蜜多佛舍】承担起来外出工作、照顾家人的责任. 由于家庭经济条件困难,Luang Phor Lee 年少时很少有机会去学校读书,往往是极为短暂地就读,之后又因为家庭需要而辍学.

Luang Phor Lee 师承于Ajarn Mun 的法门,当Luang Phor Lee Ajarn Mun 第一次见面时 Ajarn Mun就觉得Luang Phor Lee是位与佛有缘的僧人,因此对他也极为爱戴,将自己一身的本领毫无保留地传授给 Luang Phor Lee. Luang Phor Lee 也凭着自己对佛法天生的悟性很快地领悟了师傅的法术,其中很多法门都是Ajarn Mun 独门的法门,Luang Phor Lee 还跟Ajarn Mun 学习了很多古老经典中的失传法术.再经过多年的修行,Luang Phor Lee 终于成为了泰国的中部、神木巴干府的Wat Osokaram佛寺远近闻名的师傅.

Luang Phor Lee 于佛历 BE 2504年圆寂,结束了自己短暂而光辉的僧侣生涯,享年55.




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