Phor Than Daeng Wat Kok Sai

Phor Than Daeng Wat Kok Sai

by Jun Wei

This writeup is about another senior guru monk that is also from the lineage of Tok Raja by the name of Phor Than Daeng from Wat Kok Sai in the Southern Part of Thailand. As mentioned earlier, due to the similarity of name, there has been some confusion between Phor Than Daeng Wat Thong Dee and Phor Than Daeng Wat Kok Sai. Wat Bangsek (Wat Uttamaram) is a temple that has many guru monks in Kelantan due to the vision of Tok Raja. As the vision of his was to have a Dharma school at his hometown in Kampung Repek, Pasir Mas.

There is a story that is related to Phor Than Daeng. Once there was a woman in a village, that everyone in the village says that she has no hope of survival due to some mysterious illness. However, when Phor Than Daeng visited the woman at her house, Phor Than Daeng told the woman that she can survive from the illness and he administered some herbs into the mouth of the woman to let her swallow.  After consuming the herbs, the woman vomited out some kind of dark residue and she managed to get cured from the illness.

There is also another story about Phor Than Daeng. This time round it is about an attempted killing of Phor Than Daeng by some unknown gunmen. The gunmen went to the Kuti of Phor Than Daeng to “test the power” of Phor Than Daeng by shooting live bullets.  Miraculously for no apparent reason the guns got jammed and could not fire.

  It is known that Phor Than Daeng first consecrated his 1st batch of Phra Pidta in BE 2540. The materials used for the first batch of Phra Pidta amulet consists of herbs and other sacred materials. In the later period, Phor Than Daeng also consecrated other Phra Pidta amulets with materials such as Nur Takua.

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