Phor Than Chao Seng

Phor Than Chao Seng

by Jun Wei

In the provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, there was a well-respected guru monk named Phor Than Chao Seng. He was born on 7th February BE 2462 in Pattani in the city called Mayo. During that period of time, Mayo is a small town that has a similar culture to a tribe. 

It was until at the age of 21 that Phor Than Chao Seng decided to ordain as a monk. After his ordination, he started studying Dharma and Wicha under the guidance of 2 senior monks in Wat Bang Trang. Those 2 senior monks that taught him were Phor Than Keow and Phor Than Chai. In fact, Phor Than Chai was the former abbot of Wat Bang Trang. 

Nowadays, Phor Than Chao Seng is known to be an expert on ancient magical practice of  Kwai Thanu and Hoon Pa Yoon and Kayaphan. Kayaphan is a special magic practice of Wat Bang Trang passed down from generations of monks at Wat Bang Trang. To the others, it might seem to be like a normal belt with some engraved Yants. Yet, every Yant engraved onto the belt has a special meaning to it and requires a lot of effort and time to complete each Yant on the belt. 

Sacred items and amulets consecrated by Phor Than Chao Seng are known for protection against dangers and Maha Niyom. Over the years, many of his devotees have approached Phor Than Chao Seng to mass consecrated amulets due to demands from the devotees. However, Phor Than Chao Seng has been rejecting such offers as he does not want to misuse Buddhism. Due to the reason for reconstruction and repairing of Wat Bang Trang, Phor Than Chao Seng has only agreed to consecrate a few batches of amulets in recent years to collect funds.

Another reason why Phor Than Chao Seng started to consecrate amulets would be due to the changes in Pattani as it used to be a peaceful province. Yet things have changed now as it has become a place that is full of reports regarding terrorist and bombing issues. The villagers living at Pattani who have the capability to move out would willingly do so due to safety issues. However, there are still villagers that are not able to move away as they are either poor families, army personnel or monks. So the villagers besides relying on the army personnel for protection, they would often look for monks for protection as well. Hence the monks in Pattani would also become their moral support for the families to believe in. When facing these types of situations, firearms are often more trustable than the laws. Besides firearms, sacred amulets consecrated by monks are believed to be able to keep the villagers safe. 

Over the past 10+ years, Phor Than Chao Seng has been living a simple life just like anybody else. But amulets and holy items consecrated by him have been highly sought-after by the villagers and army personnels. As there are reports of military personnel wearing his amulets and escape from death incidents. Hence, military personnels in that area would often seek for Phor Than Chao Seng’s amulets to wear for protection. 

However, Phor Than Chao Seng passed away on 22th August BE 2560 having served monkhood for a total of 76 years.


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