Luang Phor Buddha

Luang Phor Buddha

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Buddha was born on 5th January BE 2437 in Lopburi Province. Once he was young, he would often travel to jungles and uninhabited areas alone to practice meditation as there are lesser things that could distract him from his meditation. However, it was also during this period of time when he got his chance to meet his teacher Phra Song Phrommasaro. Although Phra Song Phrommasaro was only 10 years older than him, he would address his teacher as “ Khun Phor Song”. When translated to english it has the meaning of father monk. Afterwards, they would travel together from Issan across Thailand by foot until they reached Nakhon Sawan Province where they both settled down and practiced their mediation until both of them reached the level of enlightenment. 

In fact, Luang Phor Buddha was a good friend of Luang Phor Yen as the both of them had learnt and mastered the Wicha “Por Phan'' from Luang Phor Taep Loke Udorn who was regarded as a highly respected mystery monk. One would not be shocked to see both Luang Phor Buddha and Luang Phor Yen as they would attend blessing ceremonies together. 

However, Luang Phor Buddha passed away on 12th January BE 2537 at the age of 100 having served monkhood for 73 years.

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