Luang Pu Rian

Luang Pu Rian

by Jun Wei

Luang Pu Rian (Phra Kru Nanta Samanawat) is the former abbot of Wat Bang Rahoeng. Luang Pu Rian was well-known for his holy items such as Takrut, Bia Gae, Rian and Pla Tapian Koo (Fish Amulets).

Luang Pu Rian was born in BE 2439 in the town of Nakorn Rachasima (Korat). His father was known as Mr Daeng Sangkarat while his mother was known as Mrs Yu Sangkarat. Luang Pu Rian was given the name “Rian”. As this word “Rian” in Thai Langugage means coin. When he was young, he was no different from other guys living in the country town side as he would often play around and go on adventures.

Luang Pu Rian mentioned the discovery of his Wicha Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad happened when he was still at a very young age. It happens that he was out with his group of friends. And that his group of friends decided to go and chase off a group of twenty strangers that had come from other provinces to harvest rice in the fields. So Luang Phu Rian cast some spells to make his friends invincible; afterwards they went to find the group of strangers. It turned out that, despite having lesser people on their side,they managed to chase off the twenty strangers.

As the strangers were equipped with large knives and had more people. There is also another strange thing that happened to his groups of friends and him as nobody had a scratch on them even though their shirts were full of rips and holes from the knives of the strangers. Luang Pu Rian then realised that he possessed powerful magic when he cast spells and decided to use his powers to develop Wicha.

On 1st July BE 2470, Luang Phu Rian was ordained as a monk at Wat Khwan Mueang in Bang Grang, Nonthaburi. His preceptor was Phra Kru Rangsan. After his ordination, he went to study in Khon Kaen, and became an expert in Dhamma, and attained his masters degree. After he received his degree, he traveled back to stay at Wat Khwan Mueang. After a short while, Luang Pu Rian then decided to go to Tudong to meditate and practice Vipassana Kammathana in the forests and mountain caves.

During his Tudong, Luang Pu Rian met several guru monks that were knowledgeable about Wicha hence Luang Pu Rian started to learn from them. Luang Pu Rian then masters many Wicha including the Wicha for his mysterious Takrut Pitsamorn. Luang Phu Rian would then distribute the Takrut to devotees whenever he would attend buddhist ceremonies and blessings. Luang Pu Rian was always invited to amulet blessing ceremonies to assist along with other gurus monk during that period of time. He was most often seen present with some of the other guru monks such as Luang Pu Toh Wat Pradoochimplee, Luang Phor Tong Yoo Wat Mai Nong Pa Ong, Luang Pu Say Wat Bang Rak Yai and Luang Phor Sod Wat Kalong.

Luang Pu Rian’s most sought-after amulets would be his Takruts. Especially his Takrut Pitsamorn, as there are stories about it. Once Luang Pu Rian gave one takrut to a young child to then hand it round his neck. One day the child fell into the river that had a very strong current but the child was safe and did not drown. Hence, Luang Pu Rian’s Takrut Tone are renowned for their Kong Grapan Chadtri. There is also a news report that a devotee was shot repeatedly but the devotee’s skin was not pierced, but his shirt was full of bullet holes. While his Takrut Jakkapat became famous after a malaysian devotee was attacked by somebody with a long sharp rubber tree cutting knife. The devotee’s shirt was ripped to shreds from the blade however his skin was completely unharmed. The following are the names of the batches of Takrut that Luang Pu Rian consecrated. Takrut Tone, Takrut Pitsamorn Lek, Takrut Pistamorn , Takrut Klaew Klaad, Takrut Sariga, Takrut Jakkapat, Takrut Sam Kasat, Takrut Maha Ud, Takrut Pokasap, Takrut Hua Jai 108.

Luang Pu Rian are also famous for his Phra Kring BE 2523, Phra Kring BE 2527, Roop Muean BE 2522 and BE 2527, Rian Run Raek BE 2516, Rian Run Song BE 2521, Rian Run Sam and Rian Run Sii, Phra Nakprok Bai Makham BE 2528 and Ria Run Sud Tai BE 2531 and other powder forms of amulet like Phra Pidta and his Pla Tapian (Fish amulet) whenby Luang Pu Rian would consecrate it in origami style from folded Silver Yantra Foils.

Luang Pu Rian lived a life free of illnesses and affliction. Until in BE 2531, Luang Pu Rian had a terrible stomachache and drank some ‘Ya Tat’ herbal medicine but the medicine did not stop the stomachache. Hence, Luang Pu Rian was transported to hospital and treated and returned to the temple. However, Luang Pu Rian had to keep going back to the hospital as the ailment came back again many times. Finally, he was admitted into Thonburi Hospital, and diagnosed with lung cancer. On 17th April BE 2531, Luang Pu Rian entered the hospital again. Only after 10 days later, on 27th April BE 2531, Luang Pu Rian passed away peacefully at the age of 98 having spent 62 years in monkhood.

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