Luang Pu Maha Sombat

Luang Pu Maha Sombat

by Jun Wei

Phra Kru WijarnTammakit or known as Luang Pu Maha Sombat is a well-known senior guru monk of Chonburi Province who has been accepted as a respectable monk who has discipline and gives importance to practice. On top of that he is also an expert at magic as he is regarded as one of the guru monks of the Eastern Region. 

In fact, Luang Pu Maha Sombat is the abbot of Wat Khao MaGork in Chonburi Province. People would address him as "Luang Pu Maha Sombat" as "Luang Pu" refers to " senior monk" and Maha Sombat means " great treasure". Also, Luang Pu Maha Sombat is the originator of  "Phra Kring Maha Sombat" .  

Luang Pu Maha Sombat was born on 18th December BE 2481 in Ayutthaya Province. At the age of 29, he decided that he wanted to be in monkhood so he got ordained at Wat Boon Kanchanaram in Chonburi Province. His monk name is "Papagaro" which means " light of wisdom", so his full name is "Phra Kru WijarnTammakit Papagaro" however he is also known as "Luang Pu Maha Sombat Papagaro".

After his ordination, Luang Pu Maha Sombat learnt magic from many guru monks. Which allows him to be good at magic and able to consecrate amulets. Luang Pu Maha Sombat is also well-known for his wealth magic which he had learned from Luang Phor Larp who was also a guru monk. It is believed that this kind of magic would bring wealth to a person.

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