Luang Phor Yod

Luang Phor Yod


Luang Phor Yod is a well-known guru monk that has not been forgotten by people despite the fact he passed away several years ago. His amulets remain to be popular amongst his devotees as his devotees believe that Luang Phor Yod would look after them when help is in need.

Luang Phor Yod is a direct disciple of Luang Pu Jai Wat Sadej and also the grand-nephew of Luang Pu Yim Wat Nong Bua Kanchanaburi Province. Both Luang Pu Jai and Luang Pu Yim are considered guru monks of Thailands. Luang Phor Yod also has 2 disciples. They are Luang Phor Chamnuan and CK Maha Surasak Wat Pradoo. Luang Phor Yod is the former abbot of Wat Kaew Charoen in Samutsongkharm Province. Luang Phor Yod was born on 16th May BE 2454 in Rajchaburi Province. At the age of 18, he was ordained as a novice at Wat Kaew Charoen. After his ordination, Luang Phor Plian the then-abbot of Wat Kaew Charoen looked after him. Luang Phor Plian would study Dharma and meditation with Luang Phor Yod.

Luang Phor Yod remained at Wat Kaew Charoen until he reached the age of 20 whereby he was officially ordained as a monk. Luang Phor Yod was very grateful to Luang Phor Plian as he would take care of Luang Phor Plian till he passed on. After Luang Phor Plian passed away on 16th August BE 2484, Luang Phor Yod was appointed to be the abbot of Wat Kaew Charoen. Luang Phor Yod remained at Wat Kaew Charoen until he passed away on 12th March BE 2541 at the age of 86.

Luang Phor Yod是 Luang Pu Jai Wat Sadej ,也是 Luang Pu Yim Wat Nong Bua的门徒,他们都是泰国历史上的顶级宗师. Luang Phor Yod 的门徒目前是著名的 CKMaha Surasak,Wat Pradoo 和 Luang Phor Chamnuan. Luang Phor Yod曾经是CK Maha Surasak的老师教他的 Wisha. Luang Phor Yod 是著名的宗师,也是 Samutsongkharm Province 的 Wat Kaew Charoen的住持. Luang Phor Yod 于BE 2545 年5月16日星期二出生在拉差汶里府. 18岁那年,他在北榄府的Kaew Charoen寺被任命为新手. 任命后,他照顾当时的Wat Kaew Charoen的住持Luang Phor Plian,并与他一起学习佛法和冥想. 他一直呆在Wat Kaew Charoen,直到他20岁时在这座寺庙被任命为僧侣. Luang Phor Yord非常感谢Luang Phor Plian. 他一直密切照顾着他. Luang Phor Plian于BE 2484 年8月16日去世后,Luang Phor Yod 当选为Wat Kaew Charoen的住持. Luang Phor Yod于 BE 2541 年3月12日去世,享年86岁.

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