Luang Phor Pong Wat Jaeng

Luang Phor Pong Wat Jaeng


Luang Phor Pong Wat Jaeng, Pattalung was born on 4th January BE 2475. At the age of 17, Luang Phor Pong was ordained. His preceptor was Luang Phor Chen Wat Tha Miram. Luang Phor Pong graduated in the 4th level of Buddhist Theology. His teacher is Luang Phor Noo Wat Jaeng who happens to be a close disciple of Luang Phor Dit Wat Pak Sak ( who consecrated one of the expensive Phra Sangkachai amulets). Luang Phor Pong is also the teacher of Ajarn Uthai Wat Wikhansoon. In fact, Luang Phor Pong still is learning Wicha from other guru monks such as Chao Atikarn Zen, Phra Pinitthammakorn, Phra Khamvajajarn and Phra Baideekanu. Luang Phor Pong is known to be a guru monk that is well-known for his Metta and Protection. There was one incident that happened in 2013. When a guy was being shooted by a M-16 gun yet the bullets could not penetrate the body leaving only red marks on the guy’s body. The guy was wearing Luang Phor Pong Roon Charenpom Boon BE 2555.

Luang Phor Pong, Wat Jaeng, Pattalung,在佛历 BE 2475年的1月4日出生于泰国巴达隆. Luang Phor Pong 在17岁那年出家为僧,师傅曾经向多位老师傅学了非常多的法术,包括Chao Atikarn Zen、Phra Pinitthammakorn、Phra Khamvajajarn和Phra Baideekanu.
多年来,Luang Phor Pong 为 Pattalung 付出不少,包括建设桥梁、道路、学校和托儿中心等.除了自己不是的寺庙,Luang Phor Pong 也无私的帮助有维修和建造多间Pattaling 府内的寺庙,功德无量.

在2013年8月20日,Pattalung 府发生枪击案,有一位年轻男生被M-16枪击中,离奇的子弹无法射入身体,只留下一点一点的红印. 事发后才得知此男生佩戴了Luang Phor Pong 的佛牌圣物. 日后师傅庙里的圣物被横扫一空. 佛历 BE 2556年,师傅制作了一批命名为Roon Metta Baramee 佛牌又传来显灵消息. 非常多信众佩戴了此批圣物后,做生意的信众也说佩戴了此佛牌后,促成生意非常顺利和比往日多了好几倍,让师傅的圣物再次成为焦点.
Luang Phor Pong 在避险法术和招财人缘法术都掌握得淋漓尽致,所以把师傅形容为“文武双全”是非常贴切的. Luang Phor Pong, Wat Jaeng, Pattalung也是 Ajarn Uthai 的恩师.

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