Luang Phor Waen

Luang Phor Waen

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Waen was born in Tambon Na Pong, Muang District of Loei Province to a blacksmith’s family. His name was Yarn and had an elder sister. When he was at the age of 9, he was ordained as a novice at Wat Bodhi Chai in Na Pong due to the fact that he needed to fulfil the wish of his mother after she passed on. However, he  went on to study with several teachers and was later ordained as a monk at a temple in Hua Tapam district of Ubon Ratchathani at the age of 21.

Amongst the teachers that he studied with, one of them was Ajarn Mun who taught him the virtues of pursuance of a secluded life and the practice of mediation and Dharma in the forest. Shortly after that, Luang Phor Waen travelled frequently to the Northeast part of Thailand in search of isolated places where he could meditate. His travel would take him from Bangkok where he met Chao Khun Phra Upali Gunupamacariya of Wat Bovoranives in BE 2464 . After spending several years studying and practicing the Dharma under the guidance of Chao Khun Phra Upali, he then traveled to Wat Chedi Luang in Chiangmai where he make a decision to switch from the Maha Nikaya sect of Theravada Buddhism to the stricter Dhammayutika Nikaya sect.

In addition, Luang Phor Waen would travel extensively by foot through jungles and remote mountains and even ventured in Myanmar and India where he would pay homage at several historic Buddhist sites. However, the news of a foot injury has been sustained during his stay in the seclusion of Wat Paa Ban Pong in Mae Taeng District, Chiangmai reached Ajarn Noo Suchito of Wat Doi Mae Pang, who later on arranged for Luang Phor Waen to stay in Wat Doi Mae Pang permanently. Soon after that, Wat Doi Mae Pang became the place where Luang Phor Waen stayed until he passed on. Luang Phor Waen in fact did not reside in the monastery itself but in a secluded hut not far away from Wat Doi Mae Pang.

After settling down in Wat Doi Mae Pang, Luang Phor Waen would then  begin consecrating amulets and sacred images. His amulets and sacred images were all consecrated for meritorious purposes like raising funds for charitable organisations and hospitals. Many of his amulets were specially consecrated and distributed to military personnel for their own protection. Soon many of his devotees started having miraculous experiences with him and his amulets. The most mentionable one was an incident of him being spotted floating in the sky by an air force pilot. This incident has been mentioned in the Asia Magazine.

Luang Phor Waen became popular as the pilot of the Royal Thai Air Force was flying its plane high in the sky. However he soon noticed that a monk was sitting and meditating outside his cabin. He thought that was strange and he told people about this incident when he got back but no one knew who could it be.

Out of curiosity, he got his maps out and looked at which location he had been flying and calculated that he was flying over Wat Doi Mae Pang when the incident happened. So, he went back and talked to the villagers. The villagers told him that Luang Phor Waen was the monk that they respected the most and the soldier came to a conclusion that it must be Luang Phor Waen. Besides that, Luang Phor Waen would meditate often and that makes him “extraordinary”. Soon after the incident, Luang Phor Waen became well-known all over Thailand.

Luang Phor Waen was widely rumoured to possess the mystical power to float in the air, cure illness and consecrate amulets to protect wearers from bullets and knives. In BE 2522, the then- General Kriangsak Chamanand, supreme commander of the army forces gave the soldiers one batch of amulets consecrated by Luang Phor Waen to protect themselves against what had been described as the greatest enemy at that period of time, the Communist Party. In the previous year, the King sponsored a medallion with the image of Luang Phor Waen and the royal crown has been rented out to pay for the construction of several hospitals. The amulet was distributed through banks and businesses and raised billions of baht.

On 15 April BE 2528, Luang Phor Waen was found to be unable to eat or move and would soon be admitted into the Maharaj Hospital. He was operated on 4 June BE 2528 but due to various complications that have developed and Phra Ajarn Noo, then the abbot of Wat Doi Mae Pang requested the doctors not to perform anymore operations as he hoped Luang Phor Waen could rest peacefully. His request was granted by the doctors and the Governor of Chiangmai, Mr Chaiya Punsiriwong.

Shortly after that, Luang Phor Waen passed away after having served monkhood for almost 90 years. He was given a royally- sponsored bathing ceremony at Sala Ang Klaew in Chiangmai University which was attended by the King and Queen of Thailand was well as the public. There are plenty of pictures taken by reporters. What amazed many people was that as the pictures came out that images of Luang Phor Waen have appeared miraculously.

His remains were kept at Wat Doi Mae Pang for almost a year for the devotees to pay their respect. Afterwards, his remains were cremated at the Royal Funeral on 16 January BE 2529. The cremation was attended by the King and Queen of Thailand, the Prime Minister and his devotees. Just as the fire was consuming the remains of Luang Phor Waen amidst the chantings of monks and devotees, the image of Luang Phor Waen miraculously manifested within the flame. This incident has been witnessed by devotees and documented in many magazines and books about Luang Phor Waen.

His remains transformed into smooth grains like crystals, precious stones and class after the cremation that leads to people strongly believing that Luang Phor Waen had attained the state of an Arahant. Despite the attention given to the miracles related to Luang Phor Waen, there is no doubt that Luang Phor would want his devotees to remember his legacy of Dharma practice.

“What is sacred? Everyone has something sacred within themselves. To be able to be born as a human being is already considered sacred. One can be sacred only from within oneself and not by any amulet or other sacred objects. Dharma is sacred and to have this sacredness, one must have Dharma within oneself.”

As a well-known monk, Luang Phor Waen often believed to have “Sacred Amulet”, something which devotees from all walks of life like to receive from respectable monks for its protective value. People at that time that travel to Wat Doi Mae Pang to seek sacred objects or amulets from him would be given the same answer as the one quote above.

Luang Phor Waen 出生於泰北 Tambon Na Pong,父親名“骰”,母親名“轎”,有一個妹妹. 小時父母為他命名為Yarn,有非常聰明的意思. 

5歲那一年,母親生了場病,雖然父親帶著母親遍尋名醫診治,但病情始終不見好轉,似生命已將走到盡頭. 母親叫他到身旁告訴他,希望他出家為僧,而且終生不要還俗,就算到臨終也要穿著黃色的僧袍閉上雙眼. Luang Phor Waen答應母親臨終前的遺願,母親便很歡喜且放心的離開了人世.

某一天的夜裡,外婆在夢中見到很奇怪的事. 隔天便向子孫們說,外婆說在夢中見到Luang Phor Waen全身散發光茫,這或許是Luang Phor Waen出家的機緣成熟了. 於是就問Luang Phor Waen,可否答應終身成為僧侶,不要還俗? Luang Phor Waen也答應了. 在 BE 2439,外婆叫他及另一位孫子過去,問他們可願意接受剃度到寺廟去當和尚?在他們答應的此時,Luang Phor Waen才僅有9歲的年紀. 

之後外婆就送他們去Wat Pho Chai,接受剃度出家. 13歲為沙彌,也由此時更名為Waen. 剛開始出家的Luang Phor Waen,並不會主動修習,而是比較被動,並且調皮愛玩,但非常聰明,學會了佛法和巴利語. 寺中有一位大師叫Ajarn Wuhan 本身就是Luang Phor  Waen的親叔叔,他覺得Luang Phor Waen這樣下去的話再學不到什麼,於是就帶他前往黎府從烏汶,去拜Ajarn Singh 為師.

某天中午的時候, Ajarn Singh帶著Luang Phor Waen在路上走著走著,這時候看到有一道奇異的光圈圍繞著Luang Phor Waen, Ajarn Singh感覺到此像非比尋常, Luang Phor Waen肯定是神佛的轉世,也因此 Ajarn Singh決定要將畢生所得所學之修持,完全毫無保留的傳授給Luang Phor Waen.

後來,Luang Phor Waen在修行中,在Bahn Kor Forest, 遇見Ajarn Mun. Ajarn Mun 教他的追求一個僻靜的生活和冥想和佛法在叢林的做法,隨後廣泛遊歷在泰國的東北部尋找偏僻的地方,在那裡他可以打坐. 之後到了曼谷,於 BE 2464年在Wat Bowonniwet他遇到了 CK Phra,並在這學習實踐佛法幾年. 後來CK Phra帶他到清邁Wat Chedi Luang,Luang Phor Waen決定森林派(Dhammayuttika)的修行。法號叫Sujinno.  

從一個省的徒步旅行到另一個,爬山,穿越河流和深山老林. 他還去盡可能老撾,柬埔寨,緬甸和越南,在 BE 2470, Luang Phor Waen抵達南邦府. 從Aajrn Mun 的徒弟得知,Ajarn Mun在清邁,最後拜Ajarn Mun 為師,在Wat Chedi Luang學習及住了十年多,大部分都在森林中,雨季才回去. 

之後在並到緬甸和印度,在那裡他參拜幾個歷史的佛教文物. 然而,在 BE 2489年因腳傷而在清邁Wat Doi Mae Pang隱居, 開始幫助老百姓也於此寺督造佛牌聖物. BE 2528年4月,Luang Phor Waen發現無法進食或移動,另於同月15日入住醫院. BE 2528年6月4日以通過將其插入到他的肚子管餵他操作. 泰皇經常親自拜訪,每次在醫院內陪伴及照顧Luang Phor Waen達兩個小時,這對一個僧人來說,是最大的殊榮,因為在泰皇是至高無上的. 九皇對Luang Phor Waen曾經要求:“Luang Phor ,你可以留下我先離開嗎?你可以為我活到120歲嗎?”

Luang Phor Waen說:“我最多活到99歲就夠了,做人是很累的,我要擺脫肉身的束縛了。” 因此,大師要求醫生不執行任何更多的操作,他的請求被醫生和清邁省長Mr. Chai Punsiriwong接受. BE 2529年1月,同年7月2日下午9時54分圓寂. 大師的遺體被火化在皇家葬禮,清邁的一間醫院大廈更為紀念大師,以大師的名字為名. 

Luang Phor Waen曾上山修行多年沒下山,也是第一位遇見Ajarn Mun 並向他學習的僧侶,大師的禪定修為非常高. Luang Phor Waen還有一個非常有名的法門,就是他可以在雲上禪定. 當Luang Phor Waen還在世的時候,有一天天氣很不好,一名飛行員在高空中飛翔時偏離了航線。在經過清邁的時候,飛行燃料快用完了. 他央求Luang Phor Waen的幫助,否則飛機可能墜毀或誤入緬甸的天空. 片刻之後,他看到Luang Phor Waen在天空中坐禪,並引導他緩緩地降落到清邁機場.

之後,飛行員趕去拜見Luang Phor Waen. 叩頭後,他跟Luang Phor Waen說:“Luang Phor,我看到你在天空中坐禪,並引導我安然降落到機場,所以我特地來到這裡向您致敬和感謝您.”

Luang Phor Waen謙虛地說:“我只是一名年老的和尚,並沒有翅膀,你仍然覺得我是鳥嗎?”這件事當時還被很多媒體報道的. Luang Phor Waen 高深的修持及法力,由以前的時代流傳至今,他的慈悲及關愛,幫助無數的民眾,也為現代百姓津津樂道.

大師曾經有一句名言:“What is sacred? Everyone has something sacred within themselves. To have been born as a complete human being is already sacred. One can be sacred only from within oneself,and not by any amulet or other so-called sacred objects. Dharma is sacred and to have this sacredness one must have Dharma within oneself. ”

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