Kruba Boon Yang

Kruba Boon Yang

by Jun Wei

Kruba Boon Yang is a well-respected monk in the northern part of Thailand as he resided at Wat Huai Nam Aoon which is located at Lamphun Province. As a matter of fact, Kruba Boon Yang is a disciple of Kruba Wong (Kruba Chaiya Wongsa). Kruba Wong himself is also a well-respected monk as he is a disciple of Kruba Srivichai and was also the first guru monk that started consecrating Sihuhata amulet. Kruba Boon Yang himself has learned the method of consecrating Sihuhata amulet from Kruba Wong. As of now, Kruba Boon Yang is considered one of most well-known monks that consecrate Sihuhata amulet. There are actually devotees experiencing changes in their working life after wearing a Sihuhata amulet that is consecrated by Kruba Boon Yang.

To those that don’t know what Sihuhata is. The below would be the tale and a simple explanation about what Sihuhata is. 

Sihuhata is a creature that has four ears and five eyes according to Northern Thai folklore.

Now the story of Sihuhata starts like this : Sihuhata is believed to be a creature that is with four ears and five eyes. It begins that Lord Indra transformed himself to this creature called “Sihuhata” to help people. As once upon a time, there was a family that were beggars. The family consists of 3 members. The most unfortunate thing happened when both the mother and father passed away which left his son the only person alive in this family. However, before his father passed on, he told his son to roll his skull along the ground. As this was considered an method for the son to trap an animal home and to get food himself. And his father mentioned that a trapped animal would bring one good luck. One day, something was trapped. Its outlook was a creature with four ears and five eyes. So the son brought the creature back home. The first thing that the son got back home was he made a bonfire. However, the creature was extremely hungry so it started eating the charcoal that is right in front of him. Once it finished eating, it started to produce gold faeces. Once the boy knew this he started to keep the gold in his garden and soon the garden was full of gold. One day, the son heard the news that the king was finding the bridegroom for his daughter but it was not going to be an easy task. The king offered a challenge to all of the men in that town that whoever managed to build a gold gutter to the castle. He would let the person marry his daughter. No one could except the son. He used gold feces from the monster to build the gutter. And soon he was married to the king’s daughter. However, the king was anxious to know how his son-in-law managed to get that amount of gold. Then the king asked him and he told the king everything about Sihuhata. Immediately, the king and his guard came to the son-in-law’s house hoping to catch Sihuhata. Yet when they arrived, Sihuhata got frightened and started to run away. It went into a cave. And no one has seen Sihuhata ever-since. From this story,  people believe Sihuhata can bring good luck and fortune to one.

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