Luang Phor Tong

Luang Phor Tong

by Jun Wei

Hat Yai is the biggest city in the Southern part of Thailand. Hat Yai is located 950 km from Bangkok and 50km from the Malaysia Border. Wat Pakor Suwanaram is located at a short distance from the town in Echia Road, Amphur Na Mon and attracts devotees from all over Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore due to the respect and faith devotees have for the temple’s former abbot Luang Phor Tong Susungwaroe.

It is firmly believed that Luang Phor Tong Susungwaroe was a true ‘’arahant’’ who possessed ‘’apinya’’ and higher knowledge with the ability to contact Luang Phor Tuad who had passed away many years ago. It is also mentioned by many devotees that Luang Phor Tong possessed a “celestial eye” that could see into the future.

Luang Phor Tong also known as Phra Ajarn Tong was born in the year BE 2542. At the age of 6, Luang Phor Tong received his education at Wat Mae Pia, Amphur Namon, Songkhla. By the time Luang Phor Tong reached the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk and studied Wicha under the guidance of Luang Phor Phet.

As a young monk, Luang Phor Tong would often travel to Malaysia and stay at Wat See Dtawam (Wat Bunyaram) or Wat Tambun as this name is better-known in the Chinese community. He would also spend many years to go Tudong in the Southern part of Thailand and the town located at the Malaysia border. Luang Phor Tong was a strict vegetarian throughout his entire life and a relative of Luang Phor Daeng Wat Seemahapho whom he would often visit as they were close friends.

Luang Phor Tong’s amulets are very popular. In particular his rian blessed in BE 2526 known as Luang Phor Tuad Lin Dam (black tongue) Niyom is one of the most highly sought-after amulets due to reports of miraculous events associated with it.

Luang Phor Tong passed away peacefully at the age of 92 on 21st November BE 2543. Luang Phor Tong was the first abbot of Wat Pakor for well over half a century. After Luang Phor Tong passed away,his body was preserved in a simple glass frame. Up till today there are still no signs of decay. Originally the temple planned to display his body for only 100 days allowing his devotees to pay their last respects, but now years after the amazing preserved state is considered yet another of miraculous events that surround Luang Phor Tong. In fact, there are many people that state that it is almost as if Luang Phor Tong is still alive.

合艾是泰國南部最大的城市,是旅遊,貿易和商業的中心.距離曼谷950公里,距離馬來西亞邊境只有50公里. Wat Pakor Suwanaram距離Echia路,Amphur Na Mon鎮的城鎮不遠,吸引了來自泰國,鄰近馬來西亞和遠至新加坡的門徒,因為Luang Phor Tong Susungwaroe

堅信這個偉大的和尚是一個真正的阿羅漢,擁有“apinya”或更高的知識,並有能力聯繫另外一位前幾年死亡的瑯勃拉邦南部僧侶. 許多人也體驗過師傅的天眼通之力, 可以預知未來.

Luang Phor Tong BE 2545 11 21 日去世,享年92 , 當時是二十五世紀最早的瓦特巴克人.寺廟也經常被稱為Batipat Pakor. Batipat只是一個禮拜場所.

Luang Phor Tong 生於BE 2452年。他在66日在Wat Mae PiaAmphur NamomSongkhla受過教育,20歲時,他還被任命為和尚,並研究Wicha , 當時的戒師為 Luang Phor Phet.

師傅於年輕的時候,經常前往馬來西亞,長時間駐紮在Wat See Dtawam(現稱Wat Bunyaram)或Wat Tambun 裡修行。而且師傅還走到 泰國南部的各州和馬來西亞邊界城鎮苦行 , 師傅在整個生命中都堅持素食,不時還會去拜訪 一位有親戚關係的高僧  Luang Phor DaengWat Seemahapho , 學習不同的佛理及法門知識.

師傅所制作的佛牌聖物多樣化,特別著名的一期 , 是於BE 2525 所開光的自身 , 其中牌上還有 Luang Phor Thuad Lin Dam 的法相 , 由於這期自身牌有許多奇蹟事件的報導. 所以在泰南的收藏家是特別喜愛大師這一期佛牌.

師傅逝世後,他的身體被保存在一個簡單的玻璃框架中,時至今天 , 其今身仍未有朽爛跡象。本來於師傅圓寂時 , 預計只能展示師傅金身一百天左右 , 就必需火化 , 但多年後的現在 ,其金身仍然並未出現任何變化. 這項神跡傳遍整個泰南,很多去參拜過師傅金身的善信都異口同道 , 感覺這位一代聖僧像活著一樣.

Luang Phor Tong的一段語錄 , 仍然流傳於善信心中反思我已經看到的未脫離的身體,我有一個洞察力,雖然我們的身體經歷了生死攸關的幸福與痛苦,罪惡和功勞;我們的佛祖在所有這些中都保持不動. 我們所知道的一切,感受,經驗,擁有,最終都是不真實的,不屬於我們。佛陀是一個幻術主義者,把法定的錯覺輪轉向法定的虛幻人生. 如果有生命有任何形式的啟蒙,那也是不現實的,沒有什麼可實現的,沒有痛苦的結局。那麼絕對的真相呢,真正的不可磨滅的身體呢,我們看不到?冥想這個 Katha,特別是最後一節,為了答案:



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