Luang Phor Klan

Luang Phor Klan

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Klan Wat Prayatikaram is a well-respected guru monk back in those days. Nowadays, Luang Phor Klan’s Rian is hard to see. As it was believed that Luang Phor Klan’s Rian holds a protection against danger for the wearer.

Luang Phor Klan was born in BE 2390 at Ayutthaya Province. He was born in a poor family. But at the age of 27, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Pradusongtham. He was given the name : “Thammachot”. Later on, Luang Phor Klan became the abbot of Wat Prayatikaram. Luang Phor Klan was a good monk and was well-respected by the people. He was famous for his magic and his amulets. Luang Phor Klan passed away on 21th July BE 2477 at the age of 87 having spent 60 years serving monkshood and Buddhism.

There is a story about Luang Phor Klan as well. Before Luang Phor Klan settled down and became the abbot of Wat Prayatikaram. Luang Phor Klan was a forest monk. It is believed that Luang Phor Klan’s metta was so great that no animals would harm him. Not only that, Luang Phor Klan could also communicate with animals in a particular language that only Luang Phor Klan knows. Luang Phor Klan never tells anyone about his skills. One thing that amazed us as well would be that normally the villagers observed every morning when the monks peddled in their boat down the river to receive alms donations.

Many will rush to offer their alms to Luang Phor Klan, from afar they can identify which boat Luang Phor Klan sits in . As the villagers could see an obvious black colour on the deck of the boat. Hence, the villagers would use this obvious black colour to identify which boat Luang Phor Klan is in. The obvious black colour was a group of crows. It is estimated that 20 or 30 crows will accompany Luang Phor Klan every morning in the boat. If Luang Phor Klan is invited to partake the alms food in-premise. Those crows will encircle above the premise which Luang Phor Klan is in until Luang Phor Klan has finished his collection and returns to his boat. The crows will escort Luang Phor Klan. While the villagers will fill up the boat with fruits. The crows are known to snatch at the fruits when opportunity arises but with Luang Phor Klan.

All the crows will behave. It is as if they understood the precept that one should refrain from taking what is not given. Before Luang Phor Klan partakes his food,he will prepare the crow’s food around him but none of the crows will fly and snatch the food and leave. Not until Luang Phor Klan takes his first mouth. The crows will then gather around him to take their food. It has been noticed many times that the crows fight among themselves when eating with Luang Phor Klan.But the most surprising thing is that we also don't know what Luang Phor Klan murmured to them, they will stop fighting and eat obediently. This is the story of Luang Phor Klan’s metta.

Luang Phor Klan Wat Prayatikaram is listed among one of the top guru monks in Thailand during his time and also present.



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