Luang Phor Simpalee

Luang Phor Simpalee

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Simpalee was born on 5th January BE 2439  in Cambodia. One thing which is unusual is that Luang Phor Simapalee has had a Yant on his body since he was born.  It was until the age of 15 whereby he was then ordained as a novice. In fact, he first started learning magic from monks in Cambodia. It was 7 years later when he was at the age of 22, he was ordained as a monk by Ajarn Mun and Luang Phor Waen. Shortly after his ordination, he went to Tudong in PaKaoSamRoiYot, Cambodia for 25 years. 

At a later period of time, he became an expert towards magic and his mindfulness allowed him to know more things such as other languages. Surprisingly, Luang Phor Simpalee can understand English and many other languages despite the fact that he never studied these languages before.  Then he went to India for Tudong. In India, he taught English to the secondary students down there for a total of  7 years. 

When he came back to Thailand, he built a temple in Buriram Province. He was the abbot of the temple for 23 years before he left the temple for Tudong once again. Before he leaves, he appointed a monk as the abbot in place of him. Later, Luang Phor Simpalee was appointed as an ambassador monk by Somdej Phra SangKaraj (the leader of monks in Thailand) to teach Dharma people in other countries. After that, in BE 2546, he built Wat Pawichai Ruammit in Loei Province. Afterwards, he has been the abbot of Wat Pawichai Ruammit since that time.

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