Luang Phor Prong

Luang Phor Prong

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Prong Chotiko is the abbot of Wat Tham Pru Takian, Chumphon Province. Luang Phor Prong is a well-known monk in Tha Sae District due to his virtues and sacredness. On top of that,he is also well-respected amongst people living in the Southern Part of Thailand. 

Luang Phor Prong was born on 10th February BE 2473. In fact, Luang Phor Prong has been ordained as a monk twice. The first time he was ordained as a monk was at the age of 20 while his second time was when he was at the age of 46. 

During the first year of his first ordination, he learned intensive meditation from Luang Phor Lim at Wat Noi, Chonburi Province. At that time, Luang Phor Lim was regarded as a monk that many people admire and respect. 

Before Wat Tham Pru Takian was built as a temple, it used to be a cave on the hill and the cave was known as Tham Pru Takian by the people living within that area. In BE 2520, which was also the time where Luang Phor Prong ordained as a monk the second time, he was a pilgrimage monk that came to the cave and did his meditation during the Buddhist Lent. Once the Buddhist Lent was over, Luang Phor Prong would head towards the Northern Part of Thailand but would still usually come back to the cave every year. 

At that period of time, there was a rumor that goes on that inside the cave there are full of dangerous animals and a python living there. Yet Luang Phor Prong was usually safe during his stay in the cave. Hence people living in that area started to notice Luang Phor Prong and were impressed by his behavior. 

By the year BE 2528, people started to ask Luang Phor Prong to stay here and would build a small house for him on the hill. Upon seeing that, it makes Luang Phor Prong stay down there.

There was a typhoon that happened at Chumphon Province during the year BE 2532. The typhoon did damage to the province as there are people reported to have passed away during this natural disaster event and the building was destroyed yet one thing that surprised everyone was that the small wooden house on the hill where Luang Phor Prong was living was not destroyed. 

At a later period of time, it is known that Luang Phor Prong together with the people built Wat Tham Pru Takian. 

Luang Phor Prong passed away on 2nd September BE 2562.

Luang Phor Prong 於 BE 2473年 2月10日 出生 是一個修為極高的好師父. 他是 春蓬府 Wat Tham Pru Takian 的住持 在 Tha Sae 區非常有名. 憑著自己的美德,修為 得到許多泰南人民的高度尊重.

聖戒後的第一年,他向春武里府Wat Noi 和 Luang Phor Lim 學習 禪定, 冥想. Luang Phor Lim 是一位很多人敬仰的大師. Wat Tham Pru Takian最初是此地的一個山中洞穴. 當時洞穴稱之Tham Pru Takian, 在BE 2520 Luang Phor Prong 來到此洞穴修行,在此進行禪修. 結束後師父回到北方 並每年都會回來修行. 傳言山洞裡有條巨大蟒蛇,洞內有許多危險的動物.但 Luang Phor Prong 在洞穴渡過一切都很安全,該地區的人民看到師父令人敬佩的舉止都留下深刻印象. 在 BE 2528, 人們請求Luang Phor Prong留在這裡,並一起在洞穴附近蓋了一座小房子,後來師父決定留在這裡.

令人驚訝的是 BE 2532,颱風襲擊春蓬府,這場巨大的暴風死了許多人,並摧毀了房屋,除了Luang Phor Prong 山上居住的小木屋. 後來Luang Phor Prong 和人們在此建造了這座寺廟

憑著對師父的信仰,居民幫助他發展了聖殿. 不久,名為Wat Tham Pru Takian 建成. Luang Phor Prong 又在廟旁蓋了個醫院 方便當地居民就醫也幫助沒有辦法付醫藥費的居民讓他們遠離病痛 免費就醫.

師父於 BE 2562年9月2號 逝世. 


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