Luang Phor Pian

Luang Phor Pian

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Pian was the former abbot of Wat GernGatin which is located at Lopburi Province. In fact, Luang Phor Pian is a respectable guru monk. He was born in BE 2470 in Lopburi Province. And by 4th August BE 2519, Luang Phor Pian was ordained as a monk at the age of 49 at Wat Gamphaeng which was in his hometown. As a matter of fact, Luang Phor Pian had been ordained as a monk back when he was at the age of 20 for a year before he disrobed. After his second ordination, he moved to Wat GernGatin and resided there till he passed on. 

Luang Phor Pian studied as a monk under the guidance of Luang Phor Pahn who was the abbot of Wat GernGatin during that time. Luang Phor Pahn who was Cambodian who is an expert in Khmer magic. While he was a monk studying under Luang Phor Pahn for a higher understanding of Dharma and magic, Luang Phor Pian managed to master the magic with a better understanding due to the fact that as when he was a child, his father had already imparted most of his magical practice to him.

Not only that Luang Phor Pahn imparted all of his knowledge regarding Dharma and magic to Luang Phor Pian, he also taught him about meditation which is a skill to develop mindfulness which is the beginning of wits. Luang Phor Pahn specifically emphasized the importance of mindfulness. As he quoted that in order to be successful in achieving anything in life, 2 of the most important substances are to be determined and have a good mindfulness. This has been the motto for both Luang Phor Pahn and Luang Phor Pian. 

After mastering the teaching of Dharma, magic and meditation from Luang Phor Pahn, Luang Phor Pian started to use what he had learned to help out with people that were affected by black magic, obsessed by spirits and illnesses. It was later on that Luang Phor Pian came across the idea of consecrating amulets for his devotees due to a past incident which happened in front of him such that there was a man stabbed to death. From this incident onwards, Luang Phor Pian decided to consecrate amulets to protect his devotees and wearers. Hence, the very first sacred object consecrated by him that was given to his believers were Takrut.

In BE 2553, a newspaper in Thailand published a miracle survivor story of a man who survived after being shot by a gun. The man was wearing Luang Phor Pian Rian. When he was shot by the gun, he thought that he was going to die, however, when he opened up his shirt he was surprised to see that there was only a bruise on his chest.

Luang Phor Pian 生於佛歷 BE 2470年的2月份,家裡有7個兄弟姐妹. 他排行老七,家中以農民,生活貧困. 小時候雖然在當地的學校讀過幾年書,但由於家中農務繁忙且沒有錢供他繼續唸書,因此小學只讀了4年、沒有畢業就輟學開始幫家裡賺錢. 跟其他自幼就開始研習佛理的高僧不一樣,Luang Phor Pian 成為僧侶的時間較晚,雖然在20歲時為向父母報恩一度剃度為僧,但時間只有短暫的一年時間,其後Luang Phor Pian 還俗還入伍當了士兵,肩負起保衛家園的重任. 退伍以後過著平常人的生活,娶妻生子,還生有5個小孩. 直到佛歷 BE 2519年的8月4日,也就是49歲的時侯,由於對紅塵俗世的厭倦,想要追求平靜的心靈境界,Luang Phor Pian 才一次剃度出家.

曾經一次師父宥事外出,就目睹村民被搶奪且活活打死,師父十分不忍心. 回寺後,開始制作聖物,希望幫到村民避災擋險.

Luang Phor Pian 第二次剃度後專心研究佛法,閱讀過很多法術以及佛教經文,並且堅持每日都會誦念經文、修行禪定,另曾跟隨龍婆到了佛歷 BE 2521年時受眾人邀請成為了Wat Kraen Katin 的主持. 成為主持後,Luang Phor Pian 開始督造聖物、籌集善款,並使用善款讓Wat Kraen Katin 得以興建,同時也給眾多僧人了一個安居之所. 除了自己製作佛牌外,Luang Phor Pian 還會到善信家中為他們祈福、誦經,也會前往其他的寺廟參與佛牌聖物的加持,因此短短幾年時間Luang Phor Pian 便已聲名遠播. 終於在佛歷 BE 2548年的12月5日,Luang Phor Pian 得到了泰皇親授的寶扇,這也算是泰國皇室對於Luang Phor Pian 的一種肯定. 另為近代十九聖僧之一. 

Luang Phor Pian 的信徒從高官名人至一般平民百姓皆有. 在20年前,信徒曾經命人用槍指他,想測試高僧答固符管的效力,沒想到子彈射出之後,都沒有打到這位配戴答固符管的信徒身上。後來高僧將這批答固符管收回,繼續加持這批答固符管,高僧的名聲也因此遠播,享譽盛名.而且Luang Phor Pian 對於所督造的符布、答固符管和佛牌聖物等皆逐一親自加持.這樣的神蹟也使得高僧那一期的塔固聖物非常珍貴,而後來高僧還將這批塔固收回,二次進行聖物加持,而且是每一尊都親自單獨加持的,這次加持後的塔固便也成了善信都想要擁有的聖物,同樣也使Luang Phor Pian 聲名遠播.

在URG公司上班的員工─砰那堤先生,於佛歷 BE 2546年10月10日晚上騎機車回家,但是在回家的路上,他遇到一群匪徒,用槍指著他,朝他開了很多槍。他以為自己被打中心髒,一驚慌就從機車上摔到地上. 當他從地上爬起來時,他發現到自己的心髒只有子彈灼傷的痕跡,而且手腳只有因為摔到地上的傷痕. 他趕緊躲在這群匪徒沒有看到的地方,這群匪徒以為他被槍打中,便一哄而散. 他等到這群匪徒跑走之後,便趕緊前往警察局報案,警察幫他做筆錄時,詢問他是否有佩戴哪位師父的佛牌聖物,他便回說他佩戴 Luang Phor Pian 親制的聖物,因此躲過一劫,這間警察局的警察們聽完他的敘述,訝異不已,也群聚趕緊去請供 Luang Phor Pian 的佛牌. 

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