Luang Phor Ong

Luang Phor Ong

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Ong is a guru monk that resided at Wat Thep Sing Han in Ubon Ratchathani Province. He is also the disciple of Phra Gammatan Paeng (former abbot of Wat Thep Sing Han). 

Phra Gammatan Paeng learnt magic from Somdej Loon (the former abbot of Wat Thep Sing Han before Phra Gammatan Paeng) . Somdej Loon was a well-known guru monk in the past. In fact, Somdej Loon was a Laotian guru monk who had a great responsibility as a teacher for many guru monks in Thailand. It is believed that Somdej Loon was a guru monk that could perform wonders such as magically disappearing, crossing the Mekong River without a boat and many more. It is said that Somdej Loon would take a walking journey for mysticism in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. Moreover, people believe he can have an avatar. However, Somdej Loon passed away on 24th October BE 2466 at the age of 70 in Laos. 

Now let’s say more about Luang Phor Ong. Luang Phor Ong was born on 24th June BE 2471 in Ubon Ratchathani Province. Since he was a little child, he had already grown interest in Buddhism. By the time he was 6, he asked his parents for permission to be a temple boy whereby he would stay at the temple and help out the monks in the temple. When he was at the age of 12, he got ordained as a novice. By the age of 20, he got ordained as a monk. However, something to take note is that when Luang Phor Ong was still a novice he would go on a pilgrimage and spent 3-4 years for each pilgrimage.  

At the age of 20, not only did he ordained as a monk, Luang Phor Ong also started to study magic such as changing mercury to silver, stone to Lek Lai from Phra Gammathan Phaeng.  

Hence, Luang Phor Ong has successfully mastered the magic of Lek Lai and other ores. There is also one incident that happened in BE 2547, after his Tudong, Luang Phor Ong thought to hand out some items to the devotees who were waiting to see him.  Luang Phor Ong wanted to give Lek Lai. He then called his nephew to send him to Phu Pang cave on the full moon night and bring him back on the following morning. His nephew then dropped him there and within a short period of time Luang Phor Ong then disappeared in the cave. During the morning, Luang Phor Ong came back with Lek Lai. 

There are also some other wonders that happen such as Luang Phor Ong creating another “him”. As one day he was at Wat Thep Sing Han yet people saw him doing a blessing at Wat Toong Sri. Another wonder happened was when he was blessing the holy ores in the cave at Laos and when he was officiating at the temple in Piboon Mangsahan District, Ubon Ratchathani Province, people saw his colorful aura.

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