Luang Phor Phat

Luang Phor Phat

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Phat also known as Phra Kru Niwit Bpu Yayaa Gon is the current abbot of Wat Huay Duan. He is now 99 years old and has been in monkhood for more than 70 years. Up to now, Luang Phor Phat is still very healthy and has many disciples around him despite his age. 

He was born in Baan Sara Thale, Phayuha Khiri district of Nakhon Sawan on 12th May BE 2465 to Phor Phut (Father) and Mae Kaewkon Chanthet (Mother) who is the granddaughter of Luang Phor Thet Wat Sara Thale. In fact, Luang Phor Phat is the second child in the family as he has 6 other siblings.

When Luang Phor Phat was at the age of 9, he was sent to Luang Phor Derm who was his uncle to help out with the building of Wat Nong Luang until he was 13 years old. Later on, he  went to Wat Sara Thale to stay with his great grandfather Luang Phor Thet and also his uncle Luang Lung Meuk. During this period of time, Luang Phor Phat also had the opportunity to study under the guidance of these 3 guru monks (Luang Phor Derm, Luang Phor Thet and Luang Lung Meuk). 

In BE 2486, at the age of 21, he was drafted into the army to become a soldier during the WW2 period. 

After WW2, he was discharged from military service. Hence, Luang Phor Phat ordained as a monk in Wat Sara Thale under CK Yot Wat Kaa Kaew, Luang Phor Kan Wat Khao Kaew and Phra Atigaan Chua Wat Sara Thale. After his ordination, Luang Phor Phat would stay in Wat Sara Thale but studied from CK Yot, Luang Phor Kan, Phra Atigaan Chua and Luang Phor Derm as their temples were all nearby. 

By the year BE 2491, Luang Phor Phat would travel to Wat Chee Pakhao in Singburi to studied under the guidance of Luang Phor Wong and then after several years travel to Wat Phra Phutthabat Thung Yang in Uttaradit to studied Dharma under the guidance of Luang Phor Fai.  

In BE 2512, Luang Phor Phat went to Wat Huay Duan and resided at Wat Huay Duan up to now to serve the people of Taan Tahaan.

On 18th July BE 2557 around 3am in the morning, the chapel of Wat Huay Duan was burning. Everything in the chapel was damaged except for Luang Phor Phat waxwork and his monk robe. People believe that it was Luang Phor Phat’s holiness that both his waxwork and monk robe had not been burned. 

Luang Phor Phat Wat Huay Duan的住持,Nakhon Sawan省是一位罕见的宗师僧侣. 现在 他现年99岁,70年来一直是僧侣. Luang Phor Paht 仍然健康,有许多门徒. 事实上,Luang Phor Phat 是Luang Phor Derm Wat Nong Pho 同一个省的亲密门徒,他是泰国着名的宗师僧侣. 虽然Luang Phor Derm在多年前去世了,但他的圣洁却被广泛称为他的护身符.

Luang Phor Phat从小时候看过Luang Phor Derm. 还从Luang Phor Derm那里获得了善意,学习魔法和咒语.

Luang Phor Phat在Nakhon Sawan省的Nong Bua区备受推崇.中央人民可能没听过谁是Luang Phor Phat,因为Luang Phor Phat 是孤独的. 然而, Luang Phor Phat 有许多门徒,他们大多是,商人,警察和士兵.

Luang Phor Phat已经发布了几批护身符,由于很多人都想要崇拜,所以这些护身符总是快速得让门徒们请走.

在2014年7月18日凌晨3点,Wat Huay Duan教堂正在燃烧. 除了Luang Phor Phat蜡像和他的僧袍外,教堂里的东西都损坏了.人们相信这是Luang Phor Phat的圣洁.

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