Luang Phor Pern

Luang Phor Pern

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Pern was born 12th August BE 2466 in Nakhon Pathom province. He studied magic from Luang Phor Daeng Wat ToongKauk Suphanburi province when he was a layman. Luang Phor Daeng has been known as  a guru monk who has knowledge of Visha and meditation. Luang Phor Pern wanted to study magic charms for protecting himself from the dangerous elements of the region. At that time, he was still a soldier. After finishing, Luang Phor Pern studied spiritual tattoos or Yant composition from Luang Phor Him Wat Bang Phra who was a teacher in Buddha Magic and Sorcery.

Luang Phor Pern was ordained at the age of 25 at Wat Bang Phra for more than 4 year, until Luang Phor Him passed away. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. After that, he went to Luang Phor Opasi in order to gain more knowledge about Visha and Buddhism for about a year. 

In BE 2496, Luang Phor Pern went to Tudong in the jungle alone on the border of Thailand and Burma. Tudong refers to the monk’s journey to gain knowledge to build up good karma and to know the teaching of Buddha. By BE 2509, devotees and disciples of Luang Phor Pern erected a statue of him in honour and respect of all the great acts of compassion. He had performed for the folk of Nakhon Pathom province.

At the age of 26,Luang Phor Pern would become ordained as a monk. He was ordained by Phra Ajarn Huem, who was also his teacher in Buddha Magic and Sorcery. Luang Phor Pern was a Disciple of "Agkara Khorm" , and a student of yant composition and application. His yant were renowned for the power that they carried. Luang Phor Pern studied Vipassana meditation with utmost dedication. He then became a disciple of Luang Phor Opasi who was one of the great monks of that era and is known for his white magic power. After this, Luang Phor Pern went "Tudong" in the jungle of Kanchanaburi which was known as being the thickest darkest jungle full of dangerous animals and evil spirits. It was said that when Luang Phor Pern was in the jungle, he was protected by a huge fearsome tiger which always accompanied him. Since then, the tiger became the protective symbol of Luang Phor Pern.

Luang Phor Pern seemed to be loved and respected wherever he traveled, due to the fact that he possessed such a transparent personality that allowed all to see his great compassion and his power to help folk with his magic. Luang Phor Pern later became the Abbot of Wat Koeg Khaemao in Nakhon Pathom, which at that time was not only in a bad state of repair but was also in an area that was inaccessible, being thickly forested. He developed and repaired the temple gaining the love and respect of the local people. His very first amulets were consecrated at Wat Koeg Khaemao. It was from the donations received in return for those amulets which were consecrated by him that he was able to renovate the temple. After many years at Wat Koeg Khaemao he was invited to become Abbot of Wat Bang Phra where he became better known for spiritual tattoos or yant especially the tattoo festival in the month of March. Luang Phor Pern passed away in BE 2545 at the age of 79. 

Luang Phor Pern 在生于:佛历 BE 2466,圆寂于:佛历 BE 2545. 大师有:“泰国伏虎罗汉”之称. 同时,Luang Phor Pern, Luang Phor Pae, Luang Phor Koon三人,并称为:泰国当代三大圣僧. 师傅出生在那旷不通府,家中有8兄弟姐妹,以务农为生,师博排行最小,自幼便开始了成为僧侣的旅程. 

Luang Phor Pern 起初于泰国术喷不你府的屈通角佛寺出家,向龙波靓大师学习法门,及后在佛历 BE 2491,回到家乡屈班拍,向: Luang Phor Him 学习:古老医术、符咒、纹身及各种佛法。之后,大师便离开佛寺,到山林中作苦行僧,大概9年多. 

佛历 BE2500,因泰国西部:间炸那不你府的:屈那汤寺,没有住持, Luang Phor Pern 便在该庙当住持,为时大概5年多.

直至佛历 BE 2505年时,大师离开屈那汤,回到家乡那旷不通,而且成为屈汤他孔佛寺住持。这时候, Luang Phor Pern 开始制作:第一期的佛牌,以及开始为善信刺青纹符. 在佛历BE 2516, Luang Phor Him 圆寂,寺内一直没有住持,村民希望Luang Phor Pern 可以为该庙找一位新的主持,便向师傅请求,因为师傅也是Luang Phor Him的徒弟,师博便前往屈班拍上任住持.

回到屈班拍, Luang Phor Pern 继续为刺青纹符,及制造佛牌圣物给善信恭请,而师博为善信的刺青、佛牌法相,都喜欢以老虎作为图像. 

据大师声称,在九年的苦行期间,常在山中遇到老虎,每次遇到, 师傅都会坐著念经,而老虎也会乖乖的听经,师博为老虎念经完毕后,老虎便会离去. 所以,师傅的佛牌及纹身,都会多用老虎的法相制造,有些圣物甚至会浸入真的虎皮,虎牙.

Luang Phor Pern 在佛历 BE 2545 圆寂,享年79岁.大师圆寂后,遗体因为没有枯化,而安放在寺内给人参拜.

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